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Grim Dawn Necromancer Build
Grim Dawn Necromancer Build

Grim Dawn is the first game from the studio Crate Entertainment available since February 25, 2016, after many years of Early Access. After reclaiming the rights to use Iron Lore’s engine, the same as Titan Quest, in 2009, the small team of developers set out to create the Hack & Slash Grim Dawn. Today we will talk about how to make best Necromancer build at Grim Dawn.

Grim Dawn is since its release one of the best games in its category since it uses everything. That made the charm of Titan Quest while integrating brilliantly into a Lovecraftian universe.

With its two expansions: Ashes of Mammoth and Forgotten Gods, the game will take you on a journey through the world of Cairn. That devastated by a cataclysm due to a conflict between the Aether monsters and the Chthonian.

Humans must now survive in this post-apocalyptic world, and it is up to you to rid the world of the various monsters that populate it. Three times since, the game, as with any good Hack & Slash, offers three difficulty levels. Which will be unlocked each time you finish the game for each difficulty.

Grim Dawn: How to make Necromancer build?

As you can imagine, the Grim Dawn necromancer will be an archetype based on the invocation of skeletons and the like that will serve our character to do the dirty work, eliminating the monsters for us. On the other hand, the Necromancer will use a powerful magical arsenal with which to face our enemies, leaving the weight of melee combat to our skeleton allies.

Grim Dawn undoubtedly offers one of the best necromancers I can remember, and I have tried “quite a few.” Grim Dawn’s Necromancer is quite versatile in the sense that its skill trees. And its subclass system (or multiclass, whatever you want to call it) allows for a truly spectacular number of combinations.

The system allows you to summon multiple amounts of skeletons and other creatures, give commands, and I genuinely believe that the Necromancer of Grim Dawn is much more complete than that of Diablo 3. What also makes it even more interesting is that the game has support total for control. That is, you can use the XBOX or PS4 controller without a problem. And this gives it a spectacular freshness. In Diablo 3, the controller is only possible on the PS4 version. However, you can use some tricks (not very effective) to play with the controller on a PC.

The game modes: Grim dawn necromancer build

Campaign with different difficulties (typical (for beginners) or veteran (for players accustomed to Hack & Slash, elite, Ultimate)

Hardcore campaign (death is final for the character, with a standard chest independent of the soft campaign)

Crucible (Survive multiple waves of monsters to unlock rewards with three difficulty levels) (Crucible DLC required)

Shattered Realms (you have to go through several maps, then beat a boss. The difficulty level increases as the game progresses) (Forgotten Gods DLC required)

The classes of Grim dawn necromancer build

In Grim Dawn, there are nine classes:

  • Soldier
  • Night Blade
  • Shaman
  • Arcanist
  • Occultist
  • Demolitionist
  • Necromancer
  • Inquisitor
  • Sworn

After choosing the first class, you can quickly choose a second class allowing. It offers a total of 36 different combinations. Each allows you to play the character in different ways depending on the passive. Also, you can choose active skills, and the various devotions chose throughout the adventure. Another component to consider for your adventure is the impressive number of usable items.

Talent tree

You got it; Grim Dawn offers you an exciting adventure with the possibility to play any class as you wish. And this for many hours. Once the campaign is over, you can try the challenge of the various Roguelike dungeons, or The Crucible, or the Shattered Realms, and of course, try the adventure at a higher difficulty level.

The progression system

Each character will evolve up to level 100 (85 with the base game without extensions). At each level, the player will get three attribute points that he can distribute as he sees fit between three possibilities: Physical, Malice, and Spirit.As well as three skill points (2 points from level 50 and 1 point after level 90) that must distributes in the talent tree of his class.

The character sheets

Each class has its talent tree in which you will find active and passive skills. While unlocking a skill, it will first be necessary to unlock its level by assigning enough points in a gauge parallel to the skills.

The power of your character will also depend on the equipment you can wear. It has six types of equipment: Common, Magic, Rare, Monster Uncommon, Epic, and Legendary.

  • Common object
  • Magic Item
  • Rare item
  • Unusual Monster Item
  • Epic Item
  • Legendary item

That can improve this equipment thanks to the various components you will find during your adventure and increases. However, a powder system is improving the items. You can only buy these by improving relations with allied factions.

The craft

In Grim Dawn, the crafting of objects is an integral part of the game. It allows you to craft advanced components to improve your objects or simply objects. Some of which can only obtain through this means.Such as Relics (three types of relics that can significantly improve your character).

The craft articulate around a simple system by the harvest of various components.Also, the materials of manufacture, the monsters, or the various chests present on your course. These components and materials will use when using blueprints with a blacksmith. However, you will recover new patterns by killing monsters as a reward for specific quests or even by buying them from factions or some street vendors.

Ashes of Malmouth

First significant expansion for Grim Dawn, released in September 2017, adding two new classes: Inquisitor and Necromancer, two primary campaign acts, and many new areas as you will travel through Gloomwald Forest and Ugdenbog Marshes for you head towards the city of Malmouth. It is in this city, on the brink of destruction, that you will attempt to put an end to the expansion of Aether.

It will also add many items, the maximum level will increase to 100, and you will meet four new factions.

The abilities of Grim Dawn Necromancer build

The Necromancer skill tree in Grim Dawn

All the skills of the Necromancer tree are exciting. But the most interesting and have a more accomplished feeling are “Raise Skeletons” and “Summon Blight Fiend.” The maximum natural number of skeletons that can summon with Raise Skeletons. And without items that empower, it is 8, plus the fat “Blight Fiend.” However, they last only 12 seconds (although the modifier also reduces the recast).

The limit of 8 skeletons is soft, as there are items with attributes.At least I have gotten a mace that increase it even more. I have increased it to 9. Later, with the constellation “Revenant,” more skeletons generated when attack.

Class accessibility

The classes at Grim Dawn are Masteries. If you want to access the Necromancer, it is necessary to buy the first expansion of Grim Dawn Ashes from Malmouth. In addition to the necromancer class, new areas, levels, constellations (devotions). However, a vast number of items and improvements. In addition to continuing with the main plot of the game. The latest known expansion for Grim Dawn, called Forgotten Gods, adds the Oathkeeper class. And a host of new areas and other features. In this game, the Necromancer’s counterpart is the Inquisitor.


Grim Dawn Necromancers usually come from a cult known as Order of the Death’s Vigil and a legendary Necromancer known as Uroboruuk. As expected, Necromancy in Grim Dawn is a practice that generates rejection. However, invoking the dead in cities and populated areas does not mean that we will be attacked by guards or other NPCs, unlike other games like Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr. The game has a complex faction system, and the Order of the Death’s Vigil is one of those factions that we can join and increase standing to have access to specific items and equipment of this faction.

Equipment and aesthetics

Grim Dawn’s Necromancer can generally equip almost anything, depending on the build or configuration we have chosen. Still, generally, One-Handed Scythe or Two-Handed Scythe is usually the weapon of choice. As I said, any weapon is valid as long as it has exciting stats, and we can change the appearance of all the objects that we have equipped to achieve an appearance more according to our tastes and class. In this sense, the game is also excellent.

FAQ on Grim Dawn Necromancer build

1. What classes may interest you?

In Grim Dawn, we have two classes that conform to what I understand by Necromancer. The Occultist, which is a class more specialized in pestilence, curses, and some demonic invocation, and then we have the Necromancer that is that, a Necromancer in all rule. The class is renamed based on the combination.

2. How to schedule a grim dawn game?

The Grim Dawn expansion is scheduled to launch later this year, although there is no specific date. The content will offer highlights the incorporation of new chapters for the story, objects. And additional classes such as the Inquisitor and the Necromancer.

3. How do you build Necromancer in Grim Dawn?

  • Raise Skeletons
  • Mastery Bar
  • Bone Harvest – Soul Harvest
  • Summon Blight Fiend
  • Master of Death
  • Reap Spirit
  • Call of the Grave

4. What is the best class in Grim Dawn?

  • Soldier
  • Night Blade
  • Shaman
  • Arcanist
  • Occultist
  • Demolitionist
  • Necromancer
  • Inquisitor
  • Sworn

Conclusion on Grim Dawn Necromancer build

All these characteristics make Grim Dawn the best exponent in its category to date and not only in terms of playable necromancy. But in general, and until the release of the already announced Baldur’s Gate III or Diablo 4, which will very presumably be announced a few days later.

As if it were a wink or message, Grim Dawn will have a new playable archetype in its next expansion: the Necromancer. Nobody goes unnoticed that this title announces this class when Diablo III will receive this same class shortly. However, beyond coincidence, the truth is that there is no relationship between the two beyond this question.


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