With the throwback of so many ’90s trends, it almost feels like we are living in this bold decade once again. These years brought so much inspiration for the world of fashion and beauty lately. From glitzy hair clips to brown lips to crop tops, there’s no doubt that the ’90s influence the way we dress and do makeup nowadays. Speaking of makeup, it seems that another throwback trend from this time is on the rise. According to Pinterest searches, users are looking for inspiration for grunge makeup. And we decided to give you just that! Scroll down to discover grunge makeup looks that are retro, yet modern.

Grunge makeup comes in many forms. Some of the staples of this look include dark eyeliner and lip. A black pencil was a must in every beauty bag back in the day. This product allows you to achieve the darkest black grunge eye by applying excessive amounts all over the lids. Then you should smudge the liner, to achieve that sexy, yet vampy look. A deep red lip is a perfect choice to finish off a classic grunge eye look.

Bold, unusual colors on the lips are another way to give yourself a grunge makeover. Stick to dark aesthetic on your eyes by lining your lids with a black eye pencil and fierce feline flicks.

That heroin chic look could be achieved with neon colors as well, as long as the overall appearance is on the dark side. In this example, we have a bloody burgundy lip to keep things in the grunge zone.

Red eyeshadow is an absolute classic when it comes to grunge makeup. If going all-over red is too much for you, just paint your lids in this fiery color and finish off with a matching lip.

It doesn’t get more grungy than a fierce, smoked out eyeliner and deep burgundy lip. This modern take on the classic grunge aesthetic will turn you into a femme fatale.

Although 90s grunge makeup was more matte, with the abundance of products available today, you can for sure get more creative. Departing the all-matte zone doesn’t mean you can’t channel your grunge goddess. Just take a look at this photo and get inspired!

If, on the other hand, you are looking to recreate a classic grunge makeup look, this all-matte cool-toned glam is the example to follow.

Black lipstick is another grunge staple that could level up any look, taking it from basic to bold. This combo of bright eyes and dark lip holds the perfect balance between accenting the gaze and the pout.


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