Here’s every pair of sunglasses James Bond will wear in No Time To Die 


And you thought 007 got through a lot of women. Or cars. Or life insurance policies. But no. They pale in comparison when it comes to his most passionate, pathological obsession; sunglasses.

Seriously, the man from MI6 just can’t get enough. Back when Daniel Craig debuted his 007 in Casino Royale, he couldn’t decide between two prized pairs of Persols (2720s and 2244s, if you were wondering…). In Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, he tore through four pairs of Tom Ford shades, including the designer’s ‘Marko’, ‘Snowdon’ and ‘Henry’ frames.

By Spectre, things were getting out of hand. Bond’s sunglasses collection had become so vast and wide-ranging that, when assigned a last-minute mission that would take him to Austria, 007 didn’t even have to buy a pair of specialist sunglasses. He had a nifty pair of Vuarnet PX Glacier Goggles ready to go.

But that’s nothing in comparison to Bond’s selection of sunglasses in No Time To Die. In the upcoming 25th film, 007 pops on a staggering four different pairs of frames. From a set of slick, black rectangular frames to a pair of round-lensed, wire-armed sunglasses, it’s eyewear indulgence on a scale we’ve never before seen. But, obsessions aside, the man’s still got style — so we’ve taken a closer look at the four frames below…

Bond wears Barton Perreira ‘Joe’ sunglasses in London

Let’s start with what look to be Bond’s favourite pair of sunglasses in No Time To Die. Similar to Tom Ford’s Snowdon frames — you know, the pair 007 wore to the funeral of that guy he killed in Spectre, before going home with the dead man’s wife? — these limited edition ‘Joe’ frames are the creation of Barton Perreira; an eyewear brand founded in 2007.

These particular sunglasses are handmade in Japan, using a metal core coated in zylonite acetate. Effortlessly smooth and glossy, Bond pops them on upon his return to MI6 — after a five-year period of retirement. What better sunglasses to pair with your Aston Martin V8 Vantage?

For aerial acrobatics, Bond slips on Vuarnet’s ‘Edge 1613’ frames

These are perhaps the most-anticipated sunglasses of No Time To Die. Just as Bond’s Vuarnet PX Glacier Goggles caused a stir when the Spectre trailer dropped in 2015, fans have been online searching and shopping the French brand’s striking ‘Edge 1613’ frames in their droves.

With fine metal frames and subtle acetate rims, there’s a hint of 007’s old Alpine goggles about these sports shades. We got our first glimpse of Bond wearing them during the Super Bowl Spot trailer back in February — during which the agent calmly lets Lashana Lynch’s Nomi send him out of a cargo plane in a folding-wing glider.

In Southern Italy, Bond wears tortoiseshell Barton Perreira ‘Norton’ sunglasses

The second pair of Barton Perreira sunglasses to feature in the new film appear early on in No Time To Die. In the trailers and clips that have so far been released, Bond appears to be wearing these on his honeymoon-like holiday with Dr Madeleine Swann. Whether they’re driving along winding Italian roads in the DB5 or swimming in the sea, all seems good in the world of the super-spy while he’s wearing the brand’s ‘Norton’ frames. And we know that won’t last — at least if Rami Malek’s Safin has anything to do with it…

But the sunglasses are a solid choice — literally. Crafted from the same hardwearing zylonite acetate as the ‘Joe’ sunglasses above, they’ll stand up to the most unwelcome ambush or assault. And, with a chestnut brown tortoiseshell design and bottle green lenses, they don’t look half bad either.

While retired in Jamaica, Bond wears Vuarnet’s ‘Legend 06’ frames

Which brings us to the most classic frames Bond will slip on in No Time To Die. Vuarnet’s ‘Legend 06’ sunglasses are classically shaped, crafted from extremely resistant and flexible Vuarnet nylon and finished with Brownlynx lenses — which give the wearer a slightly yellowed view of the world. And this isn’t the first time they’ve been stars of cinema; Alain Delon first made them famous in the 1969 French film La Piscine.

In No Time To Die, however, Bond will wear the Vuarnet ‘Legend 06’ frames while he’s deep in retirement — drinking lots of rum and driving his blue Land Rover Series 3 around Jamaica. He’ll accessorise them with a blue Croakies eyewear strap, and even be seen wearing them as he clambers aboard a Spirit Yacht.


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