Resource FunCation Academy
Resource FunCation Academy

This morning I would like to share a new Homeschool Resource I found called FunCation Academy which I plan on checking out next month. They have two different price plans. The first plan is per month and the second is per year. I will be doing just the one-month subscription until I find out if this is the right curriculum for my family.

I like knowing this new Resource will cover Math, Reading and Language Arts. I will not have to search for lessons for Charlie or wonder if I am teaching him the things he needs to know. Nor, will I have to worry about not knowing how to help Charlie in the classes he is taking as this new resource does that for us.

What is FunCation

 FunCation Academy is an online educational resource company designed for homeschoolers. We spend countless hours searching for new educational resources at EdTech Expos, conventions and online. Our goal is to continually find new and exciting resources to share with the homeschooling community.

  In addition to our exceptional resources, we provide a rigorous homeschool curriculum for K-12 students. Our curriculum is self-paced, and we offer features that take the students beyond the lessons. We use our online platform to host a variety of collaborative groups and clubs for all students. We provide a very well-rounded homeschool program that is exciting and effective.

Our purpose is to support your homeschooling academic journey!

Curriculum Features

FunCation Academy’s Curriculum, by Plato Courseware, is a full College Prep & Pre-College Prep comprehensive K-12, online, self-paced, animated guided curriculum.

Our curriculum is tailor-made to each student’s skill level per subject. Our curriculum only focuses on skills that the student has not been introduced to or mastered and is perfect for filling in the “gaps” and moving the student forward.

Our online curriculum saves you time by automatically assigning the next lesson to the student within their customized learning path. There is no lesson planning required!

Our customized and engaging curriculum ensures that students will not be over or underwhelmed with their lessons, which will help you avoid purchasing multiple curriculum sets to accommodate your student’s different skill levels.


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