Puebla.- The joyous festival of Huejotzingo Carnival in Pueblawhich has a 150-year tradition, was overshadowed by the cries of pain from a participant when one of the cannons detonated in his hand. This caused the witnesses to become alert before the shocking scene.

The heartbreaking moment was recorded in a video that became a trend on social networks. In it you can see people dancing to the rhythm of the band, dressed in sequined suits, beads, embroidery, paintings, straw hats, tricolor hair and other decorations when an accident occurs.

In the audiovisual material, the war band can be heard in the background, while some of the participants detonate old cannons. However, one of these did not fire, when one of the participants approached to check it, he put his hand in the path of the bullet and the barrel was activated with movement. This caused a severe injury to the participant who let out several cries of pain.

The foregoing occurred when the representative contingent from Xochiapulco announced the passage of their comrades with war cannons ejected with gunpowder.

Fortunately, paramedics were at the event, who reacted immediately to help the injured individual, so he received timely medical attention and was immediately transferred to a hospital where he is reported stable.

After the accident, the state health secretary, José Antonio Martínez García, explained to local media that the 19-year-old is hospitalized because he suffered hand trauma.


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