Hot Crypto Regions In The World

Hot Crypto Regions In The World

So you might be asking yourself, has cryptocurrencies conquered the world yet? The best thing about the crypto market is its global platform which makes it easily accessible to users all around the world. Thanks to the World Wide Web that made all this possible. As long as you have internet access, you are already good to go.


The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin to promote financial inclusivity has more likely been met considering the boom of the crypto market in third world countries such as those in Africa. It is noteworthy that the daddy of all cryptocurrencies was created so that there would be a chance for outsiders to gain access to an informal financial system with a digital platform. No wonder it has opened investment opportunities on trading platforms such as the BitiQ website for the African people renowned for using cryptocurrencies.

A report has recently claimed that Africa has become the global leader in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. Despite attempts of the government to restrict operations by mandating banking institutions to cut ties with crypto exchanges, the market was able to survive with a shift into a platform that no longer needs local banks as intermediaries. And the crypto market has flourished since then, away from state regulations. It appears that the free market is working at the advantage of African investors.

East Asia

While Africa is still in the phase of adopting cryptocurrencies, perhaps it would be fair to say that Asia has already been immersed in this market. A study conducted last year claimed that over 30% of crypto transactions took place in East Asia, which includes China, Japan and South Korea. The trend is expected to carry on as countries in other parts of Asia are being drawn into the market. It would buffer the impact of China now shutting its doors to foreign cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Japan has been among the most progressive countries in Asia to embrace opportunities brought about by crypto trading. It has managed to strengthen laws to protect the local crypto market from cybercrimes in the likes of hacking and money laundering. There has also been a regulation of crypto exchanges through documentary requirements that would prove legitimacy. More likely, this will be an additional layer of protection taken as a preventive measure to deter cyber crypto heists.

Latin America

It can be recalled that the founder of this cryptocurrency originally intended the use of virtual money as a medium of exchange. Following the historic move of El Salvador declaring Bitcoin as an official legal tender in the country, there is so much expectation hanging over its shoulders. The government anticipates economic growth brought about by overseas remittances in the form of Bitcoin. Besides, it is a practical approach for a developing country with people devoid of access to the financial system.

Paraguay is set to follow in the footsteps of its neighbour with the intention recently made known by one of its lawmakers. A bill has been submitted in Congress to legitimise the use of Bitcoin as an official legal tender. The legislation intends to bank on the financial opportunities drawn by the crypto market. Like El Salvador, the nation is poised to become the next crypto hub in the region.

United States of America

America has been the ultimate hub of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin finding its roots in San Diego, California. From paying for some Papa John’s pizza, there is no doubt that the father of all cryptocurrencies has come a long way. It is considered the market leader after gaining a huge number of followers still on board. The United States is now facing challenges on how to best regulate the crypto market to protect investors. As the SEC Chairperson has put it, he is neutral in terms of technology but not in terms of consumer protection.

Consequently, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve has already expressed his intention to promote crypto regulations. He is advocating for the possibility of digital banknotes and stable coins to compete with cryptocurrencies. These virtual currencies would be backed by the government’s financial system to draw the interest of investors, given the relatively low risks.


This is how the crypto market has taken the world one region after another all through the years from the United States, Latin America, East Asia, and Africa.


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