How A San Diego Retaliation Attorney Can Help


All people have the right to go to work on a daily basis without having to worry about dealing with any type of harassment. Unfortunately, there are situations when someone could be treated unfairly. If you are treated unfairly, you should consider speaking with your boss and employer about harassment or discrimination. While most employers will take these claims seriously, others may actually handle it the wrong way and retaliate. 

Retaliation from an employer can come in a variety of ways. This could include losing your job, missing out on promotions, or losing privileges and rights that you once had. If you are experiencing any of these situations, it is a further example of discrimination and hiring an attorney can be a great next step. For those that are in the area, hiring a San Diego retaliation lawyer can be a great option as they will offer various forms of support and legal services. 

Consultation On Case 

If you have been harassed or discriminated against at work, having an attorney that is experienced with this type of law by your side is a good option. The first thing they will do is provide a full review and consultation on your case. This can include reviewing any documentation that you have, including performance reviews, emails, or other information. They will also speak with you and other people to get a full sense of what happened. 

Based on the consultation, the attorney can provide guidance about whether you have a valid claim that should be pursued. They can also explain what the forthcoming process will look like in terms of time, work that needs to get done, and what various stages will look like. 

Support Building A Claim 

If you have been retaliated against in your workplace, your attorney will also help to build your claim. This part of the process can include speaking with other former colleagues, getting information from your employer, and outlining examples of workplace discrimination or harassment. Your attorney will also be able to help you come up with a fair monetary request. This can include tangible and non-tangible costs including lost salary, unnecessary stress, and damage to your professional reputation. 

Help Filing Claim 

Once you have built a case, the attorney will help you file the claim. There are always complexities when it comes to filing any type of civil claim. You will want to ensure that you are filing it the right way and providing any necessary notices. Your attorney will be able to handle this for you to ensure there are no administrative delays due to mistakes made when filing a claim. 

Support During Negotiations 

Most of the time, a harassment and discrimination claim is going to be settled outside of the formal courtroom. This tends to be a good option for all people as it results in a quicker resolution. However, there will be work that needs to be done until you get to a final outcome. The attorney can handle all negotiations with your employer, their counsel and insurance company, and other interested parties. 

If you are not able to get to a fair settlement, your attorney can provide support during a further civil proceeding. This will include building a case, presenting it in court, and handling any negotiations or deliberations. They can also handle any appeals that may come about. 


Ultimately, having your attorney by your side if you have a retaliation claim is very important. An attorney offers various services that will help ensure your rights are properly represented and that you receive the best outcome possible.


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