Bitcoin Gift Card
Bitcoin Gift Card

Have you heard about Bitcoin gift cards? If not, you are missing out on a useful gifting option!

Bitcoin gift cards are now widely available and can be redeemed easily to buy Flipkart gift card or any other gift card transactable in online or offline stores. So if you are unsure what to give during birthdays, anniversaries, or during Christmas, get hold of a Bitcoin gift card for your loved one!

Wish to know more about these Bitcoin gift cards before you give them to your friends and family? Let’s start! Here, we will discuss what these gift cards are, how they work, their safety, and will also guide you on how to buy and redeem them. 

What Is a Bitcoin Gift Card? 

As the name suggests, Bitcoin gift cards are a form of gift token which allows buyers to exchange these cards for their current value. You can choose the denomination of Bitcoin and fill out the order form online, and the gift card will be shipped to the given address once payment is received. 

The receiver can quickly swap the gift card for bitcoins at the current exchange rate. Most websites for buying Bitcoin gift cards assist with redemption and provide instructions on opening your wallet. 

How Does The Bitcoin Gift Card Work?

Consider your Bitcoin Gift Card to be a Bitcoin wallet. It is used to hold a set number of Bitcoins. When the time comes for you to send your coins, you’ll need a new Bitcoin “purse.” A Smartphone Wallet (so you can efficiently utilize the QR Code feature) or a Desktop Wallet. It’s entirely up to you which one you pick. The technique will be the very same every time.

A Bitcoin Gift Card primarily comes with two keys: public and private. Here, the public key functions like your IBAN where you can add more Bitcoins and the private key secures your access to the transaction. 

Is Bitcoin Safe On The Gift Card? 

Yes, of course, Bitcoin gift cards are safe! These gift cards are paper wallets and need to be activated & transferred for use. Also referred to as cold wallets, this is the safest way to keep your crypto cash. However, you must ensure that the gift card is not misplaced; else, you will be unable to recover your Bitcoins. As a result, it must be stored with extreme caution. The Bitcoin Gift Card should be kept in a secure deposit box.

Before they are digitized, the Bitcoins on the Gift Card are entirely safe from hacker attacks. Because Bitcoins are now just kept on a “sheet of paper,” there is no way to obtain them. As a result, these Bitcoins will remain completely cut off from the Internet. 

Now that you know more about Bitcoin gift cards, let us walk you through the simple steps of buying and redeeming them. 

How To Buy A Bitcoin Gift Card? 

If you are hoping to buy a bitcoin gift card for your loved one, then here are some simple steps you have to follow to get hold of one –

  • Go to and choose the gift card you wish to purchase.
  • Enter the Bitcoin amount you want your gift card to have.
  • Choose to get your gift cards quickly by having them printed on cards or as PDFs.
  • Pay with your Bitcoin wallet, debit, or credit card, and that’s it! Your Bitcoin gift card will arrive at your home in a few days!

How To Use The Bitcoins On Gift Cards?

Here is how you can redeem your bitcoin gift card:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Register or log in to your account.
  3. You have to complete your KYC at this stage.
  4. Click on “Redeem BitCard” and put down your gift card pin and number
  5. And that is it! You can now successfully redeem your bitcoin gift card to buy attractive products.


Bitcoin gift cards are convenient and valuable gifts to give to one’s friends and family. They can quickly redeem them and buy something they desire! So if you have some Bitcoins to spare and are unsure of what to give to your loved ones this Christmas, get them Bitcoin gift cards! Happy shopping! 


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