We all have fond memories of the year 2016 (maybe you were looking to get your mind off the political and election) the time that Moana came out. In the past, we had considered an Hawaiian or a different Polynesian princess. We wondered how she would look like. Who was to play her role as her prince? What was the adventure she was going to take on? Who was she planning to be? What was her story?

Rumors circulated that there was actually likely to be a Polynesian princess however, we’re wise. We are able to handle reports. And then, in 2016, we learned what was to come for Moana’s princess. The previews were about the introduction of Moana. Moana was a massive movie!

Five years later, are we finally hearing of an upcoming sequel? We don’t want your expectations too high but what’s about to transpire with one of our most loved princesses? Are these rumors real or is it just another internet speculation? Take a listen to “How Far I’ll Go” and then join us on the latest information we have regarding the possibility of more Moana!


Moanatold our story of a daring teenager who has always been fascinated by the ocean, but it was never a permitted artwork in her home village. The blight that ravaged every island made its way to the Moana’s home, impacting the harvest, she was the Chief’s daughter she has to take on a dangerous mission to save her family.

On her way she encounters the great divine Maui who assists her on her path for becoming a skilled explorer. Together, they cross the ocean in order to help save their home. Fighting off monsters and overcoming great odds, Moana fulfills the ancient search of her ancestors, and discovers her own identity.

Moana 2

What’s the deal in this rumor about the possibility of a sequel? Are these rumors just idle gossip which we shouldn’t be focusing on, so that we don’t get our hopes up only to disappoint ourselves? Are they true and should we begin making plans for the next Moanabinge evening? Recently, Disney confirmed Moana 2after the huge popularity of the first film. Yes, the renewed release of the animated movie has officially been confirmed!

The 3D musical chapter debuted on November 23rd, 2016. The film received a fawning review from the public as well as critics, specifically the music and the movement. Moana was nominated to win various awards, but was awarded the best animated feature award at the 2017 Academy Awards.

It is evident that Disney took note of their fans and provided us with more! What foods should we pick to enjoy your Moana time? Maybe dried papaya and banana bread, or pudding, or a slices of pineapple cakes? If you listen to “How Far I’ll Go” you’ll be curious about what she’ll actually go to.

Date of release

Now that we know for sure now that it’s been confirmed, when should we begin thinking about that night of binge watching?

While we may be bored of talking of it it’s true that the Coronavirus epidemic is a vital element of our culture at the moment. It’s not surprising that it’s difficult to determine the exact date moana 2 will be released on big screens. There’s been no announcements about the exact date of release.

There are reports that suggest that the film will be released at around the middle of November 2021 or in the early 2022.


Are the sequels to the film bringing us new voices and faces? Aulii Cravalho was the character Moana making her first appearance as an actor with the film. Dwayne Johnson, known for his role in “The Rock” and other Disney works portrayed Maui. The film also featured Jemaine Clement playing Tamatoa, Temuera Morrison as Chief Tui, Rachel House as Gramma Tala, and many more.

In the case of the sequel to Moana we’re not sure whether there will be new characters or not. It’s difficult to determine who will be returning as Disney hasn’t released any announcements on the subject to date.

The latest adventure

We know it’s coming , but what exactly is it going to be about? After their epic voyage across the ocean, Moana returned home but do you think Maui ever return? There aren’t any trailers nor teasers yet, however Moana 2 is likely to focus on Moana returning home in the aftermath of becoming the famous Pathfinder.


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