How Fashion Nova extended the brand from just a women’s line to men and kids


Fashion Nova is known as one of the top fast fashion brands globally, pushing past other fast fashion brands that came before them. The company was launched in 2006 by Richard Saghian.

Fashion Nova has always sold clothes designed for women. From 2006 to 2013, Saghian sold affordable clubwear for women in the Panorama Mall in Los Angeles. Saghian personally attended to the customers who came in and made a point to ask questions and get to know his customers better.

Saghian learned how to manage a retail company by watching his father do it for many years. When he was younger, he spent his summer holidays working in his father’s store. He knew how to relate to customers and help solve their problems which played a significant role when it came time to scale the company.

In 2013, he learned that people were buying products from his store and reselling them online for a profit. So, he changed his goal from opening 100 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States and opening an online store. If people could find the original clothes from the source (Fashion Nova), they no longer needed to buy them at higher prices from resellers.

As Fashion Nova went online, the company started to grow even faster. In just seven years after going online, millions of people now shop on the website every month, and Fashion Nova has extended its products to satisfy more inclusive markets.

How Fashion Nova expanded from women’s clothing to clothing lines for men and kids

Fashion Nova always sticks to the trends with its fashion items. When first launching online, they targeted their products towards the female market.

Before launching his online store, Saghian uploaded pictures of Fashion Nova customers wearing their outfits to its Instagram page. Thanks to reshares from his customers and social proof from the photos, the Instagram page quickly grew to 60K followers.

Seeing how successful the store’s online presence was becoming, he decided to produce an enormous variety of clothes for women, still keeping them trendy. Fashion Nova went from making only club-wear to selling dresses, bottoms, lingerie, tops, jeans, shoes, and other accessories.

The store was able to meet the needs of many women across the world who didn’t want to spend all their money shopping for expensive products from other brands.

However, Fashion Nova did not yet satisfy a very inclusive market. They considered that most Americans and other ladies around the world aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Fashion Nova understood this.

So, what did they do?

The company started manufacturing clothes for plus-sized ladies along with the smaller sizes. Ladies could find clothes ranging from sizes XS to 4X. This increased traffic and sales as many ladies were finding better representation in their sizing charts.

In 2016, the company launched the Curve Collection, explicitly made for curvy and plus-sized ladies. Mind you, while other brands produced huge, non-fitting clothes for this market, Fashion Nova went the other way about it. They made sure that these clothes were fitted but in just the right ways. Each size, from Xs to 4X, is stylish, affordable, and designed to aid confidence.

In 2018, Fashion Nova decided to expand into another market again. They were going to tap into the men’s market. This came as a surprise to many who believed that the brand would be a strictly women’s brand. Their first-ever menswear line launched in June 2018. Men could now access trendy and affordable clothing. They could shop for themselves and their girlfriends at the same time!

The menswear line included various products, including backpacks, shorts, denim, jean jackets, khakis, shoes, and more. They also sold grooming products men use daily, such as beard oil, sunglasses, and chain necklaces.

Richard Saghian said that “with the launch of Fashion Nova Men, the brand was expanding its reach even further and offering the men the same options that Nova Babes have enjoyed. The line reflects Fashion Nova’s ethos – confident, a bit risk-taking, and edgy.”

However, this was not the end of Fashion Nova making an entrance and establishing itself in new markets.

In September 2020, Fashion Nova launched its kids’ line to parents’ excitement all over the world. The kids’ line maintains everything Fashion Nova has stood for since its launch. None of the products on the line cost more than $45, and they are all trendy, stylish, quality clothes. Nothing looks boring.

This was good news for middle-class parents who have been looking for ways to cut costs on their children’s clothing. Children are continually growing, and they change their clothes frequently. By buying children’s clothes at lesser prices, parents can focus on spending the bulk of their money on other things. The Fashion Nova Kids line also brings the family closer together as parents can now rock the same Fashion Nova clothing with their children and take beautiful pictures together.

Since the launch of this line, Fashion Nova meets men, women, and children’s needs. Even so, it’s likely to find its way into even more inclusive markets very soon. Expanding into new markets allows more people access to affordable fashion pieces.


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