How Game Developers Create Pokies: The Relationship Between Technology and Pokies


There have been some fascinating changes in technology, some more than others. Media and entertainment technology are two more interesting elements of the modern world than our progress in communications.

We’ve moved from the chunky, fitted wooden box telephones of before to small, handheld smartphones we can control with voice. Furthermore, newspapers are not as popular as they used to be; sprawling digital media empires have overthrown the pamphlets.

Computer Technology and Pokies

The advent of computers is one of technology’s many gifts to pokies and slots games. The largest benefit the game got is probably that computers made pokies more independent. Casinos can fill their entire floors with pokies machines without situating individuals to watch over every unit.

Rather, the embedded microprocessors ensure the machines deliver high, consistent jackpots and little ones when almost empty. That way player can enjoy their time when playing pokies at New Zealand Casinos. The technology behind the pokies game has also advanced in more ways than one over the last century. Pokies or slots games have been around since the gambling industry started but have evolved through technology. Technology has brought the pokies game into the limelight, making them more advanced, interesting, and popular.

RNG (Random Number Generator) Software

The RNG software is responsible for how fascinating slot games have gotten today. The program randomly generates the outcome of slot spins – that is, the images you see in reels after you spin. Contrary to what many people think, slot machines are unbiased; they are designed to generate numbers randomly. The RNG software’s purpose is to ensure the images on the reels are generated randomly, giving each player a fair winning chance.

The RNG software program informs each machine what percentage of jackpots it should pay out. The software also makes winning or losing unpredictable; the pokies game is a pure game of luck and chance.

Ticket-In/Ticket-Out (TITO) Technology

The TITO technology is commonly used in slot machines; it is responsible for printing out a paper slip with a barcode. Each printed slip features an indicated amount of money it represents, which you can redeem for cash at automated kiosks. The TITO machine utilizes a thermal ticket printer in place of a coin hopper and a barcode scanner built into the bill acceptor. It also uses a network interface to communicate with the central system tracking tickets.

Some are programmed to pay with coins if the payout is below the payout limit and print a ticket where a hand pay is required. This technology grants casinos added safety, as opposed to the time when jackpots were rewarded instantly in cash. TITO machines make it easy for casino operators to track how much they’ve paid out already.

3D Illustrations Technology

Most of the virtual slot games you see have animated characters, as well as realistic illustrations from maps, cities, and sports. 3D illustrations and modeling technology made this possible. Developers use the technology to create realistic characters; this requires the team effort of professional programmers.

An entire team of developers, from programmers to storytellers, have to work together to create online slots games. Creating slot games takes a lot of time and effort, even if the most expert developers are creating them. So, next time you play your favorite slot game, take some time to appreciate the beautiful animations you see.

Mobile-Compatible Applications

The gift of technology is one that keeps on giving, especially where entertainment is concerned. People love, prefer even, to use their smartphones for whatever they want to do, gambling included. Thus, most virtual casinos have brought gambling to their customers’ laps by launching mobile gambling apps. Most of the launched apps run on iOS and Android platforms, making them compatible with most mobile phones.

Mobile-compatible apps mean players can now gamble on their phones. This technology “outbreak” isn’t limited to online slots only but the whole gambling industry.

The Advent of Online Pokies

As things changed and technologies advanced, land-based casinos and upcoming entrepreneurs saw the need to create online pokies. As such, they developed software programs based on these slot machines’ physical technology. With these in place, land-based casinos can offer their players access to casino games whenever and wherever.

Several upcoming casino operators have competed with flourishing gaming industries by creating online pokies like Guns N Roses and Starburst. These are in addition to the digital scratch cards, table games, and live dealer games, offering great gaming times for gamblers. The fact you can access and play these games on different platforms, from desktops to smartphones, is even better.

Conclusion: The Future of Tech in Pokies

Pokies have undoubtedly come far in the last century, but it would seem the technology behind them has just started. We should expect some drastic changes in the near future, with virtual reality and augmented reality already in full swing. The gambling industry is evolving rapidly, thanks to technological developments. Since we are yet to see the best of technology, we can only imagine how evolved pokies will get.


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