How to Choose a Safe and Reliable Online Casino?


Online gambling has become increasingly popular among contemporary users, and it is quite challenging to select a platform that will be both exciting and fascinating. If you have never played in an online casino and do not know the name of a reliable site, this post will provide you with a guide on how to pick a safe casino. Let’s get started.

Step #1 – Check the licence

The crucial step to be taken is finding a licence and making sure it is valid and genuine. So, if you have preselected a safe online casino for gambling in New Zealand and want to evaluate its reliability, open the site and find the information about a licence. It can be found in the footer or any other section of a casino site.

The next step should be checking the validity of the licence provided on the site of a gambling platform. For this, it is necessary to open the website of the organisation that has issued the licence and find the section where it is possible to validate the details. Some establishments have no online validator. So, it is possible to contact support to ask for confirmation.

Step #2 – Comments & feedback

If a casino under consideration works with a valid licence, it is time to check what other players can say about this platform. So, google the casino name and try to find as many reviews and feedback as possible. Here, there is one extra challenge to consider. Not all reviews are genuine comments/feedback from players. Some gambling platforms try to overcome the competition by publishing positive reviews about themselves and negative ones about their rivals. However, after you spend some time reading comments and reviews, you will feel which of them are written according to the provided script.

Step #3 – Evaluate the website

If you are going to play on the site of a particular casino, you need to feel comfortable there. So, open a website and pay attention to the following:

  • How fast the site loads,
  • How convenient it is to navigate it,
  • How fast you find the information there,
  • How appealing the design is.

All these are not just the criteria of your comfort. In this way, you can determine the intentions of the owners. If they have invested a sufficient amount of money in their platform, they want their business to grow and develop. If the site loads for too long, and the design seems to be developed a decade ago, it is unlikely that a casino will work for a long time.

Also, on the casino website, you need to check the Terms & Conditions section. This is where all the most essential information about the process of playing on a particular site is provided. So, it is necessary to devote some time to reading this section. If you want to play in a casino and get the winnings into your wallet or bank account, it is crucial to be well informed of all the details before you create an account. So, in the case of an online casino, checking the box without reading T&C is not the best idea.

Step #4 – Check the range of games

The next step is really fun. Check how many games a casino offers to players. How many slots are there? Pokies are the most popular choice among beginners and seasoned gamblers alike. So, if you are looking for a fun pastime in the evening, choosing a casino with plenty of pokies is a good way to go. 

Step #5 – Test the demo mode

It is good if an online casino has a demo mode that allows players to try the games they like for free. For a newbie, it is also a good option since it enables them to practice playing casino games and understanding their mechanics. And they do not risk losing any money. Just keep in mind that the winning will be virtual.

Step #6 – Evaluate casino support

No matter how a gambling platform tries to provide immaculate services, technical bugs might happen. And it is necessary to be sure that in the case of technical problems, you are not going to be left alone. So, find out if casino representatives work professionally enough. So, check the available channels of communication and work schedule and test several scenarios:

  • Give a call,
  • Send an email,
  • Write in a live chat.

You might not be the person who is used to calling support. However, still, it is worth checking how this communication channel works. Just imagine you have a question about a few thousand dollars you cannot withdraw because something was wrong with the internet connection when you were filling in the payment details. You will highly likely want to call support.

Step #7 – Sign up and play

At this point, we think it is enough to test a casino theoretically. You can proceed to evaluate it in practice. So, register your account and ensure you have provided the correct information about yourself.

An extra tip: if you are still hesitating about playing in a particular casino, it is worth creating a separate bank card or e-wallet and replenishing it with a certain amount of money you can afford to spend. This way, you will protect the financial details of the bank card that has access to your main account.

We hope that you will make the right choice and find the process of playing in casinos fascinating, exciting, and even rewarding. After all, this is why online gambling exists.


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