Earrings are an essential accessory. A well-chosen pair will enhance the wearer’s best features and perfectly complement any outfit. Finding a pair of earrings that will look truly flattering is harder than it might seem, though. It requires careful consideration of everything from hairstyles to lifestyles. Read on to find out what to consider before heading online to start shopping.

Earring Styles

These days, there are far more options out there for earrings than there used to be. Each one sits differently on the earlobes and draws attention to certain features. Though there are hundreds of styles out there, most fit comfortably into one of the following six categories.

  1. Hoops: Hoops are large, round earrings that maintain a full connection all the way from the front of the ear to the back. They can be large or small and as intricate or simple as women want. Some hoops are smooth, while others are patterned. Some pairs of hoop earrings even feature gemstones.
  2. Huggies: Huggies are similar to hoops in that they attach through the lobe, but they’re different in that huggies sit up against the ear and may even fit on the cartilage area. As with hoops, they come in many different styles. It’s easy to find plain huggies, but those looking for something special can find even more options at Adina’s Jewels.
  3. Studs: Studs are simple earrings that typically consist of a gemstone or bauble set in metal attached to straight support with a backing lock. They’re much smaller and usually more subtle than most other types of earrings and lay flat on the ear instead of drooping down or looping back.
  4. Dangles and Drops: Dangle and drop style earrings hang from straight, stud-like backs, but they have far more body. Drop earrings also feature long, thin sections often outfitted with a decorative end piece, while dangle earrings are looser and confer more motion. Some dangles, like chandeliers, have cascading shapes, while others have different segments that come together at an angle.
  5. Jackets: Jacket earrings feature a regular stud along with another portion that extends beneath the ear, wrapping around the entire lobe and coming back out the front. They offer the best of both worlds with the stability of studs and the more eye-catching appearance of longer earrings.
  6. Climbers and Crawlers: Climbers and crawlers are the newest trends. Instead of dangling down, they follow the curve of the wearer’s ear upward. To achieve this lofty goal, climbers and crawlers feature sturdy backbones of wire to hold them in place as they rise along the outer edge of the ear. Many feature a series of gemstones that start large at the bottom and get smaller as they reach the top of the ear.

Types of Fasteners and Closures

Every pair of earrings features a fastener or closure to hold them in place throughout the day or night. Choosing the right fasteners is more of a practical than an aesthetic concern, but it’s equally important.

  1. Post Earrings: Posts are the most common type of fastener. They’re found on just about every stud earring and are also used to hold more complicated styles like jackets in place. The post goes through the earlobe and is held in place by a double-prong fastener that goes over the back.
  2. Screw Back Earrings: Screw backs are similar to posts, but they’re more secure. The posts that go through the ears feature tiny creases threaded like a normal screw. Instead of popping into place, the backs must be screwed on, which makes getting these types of earrings on and off a bit more of a challenge. Screw backs are most popular for high-value earrings like diamond studs.
  3. Lever Earrings: Levers are fasteners that pair with curved earrings. They feature spring-loaded hinges that snap into place easily once the post is through the ear. They are secure, easy to use, and offer a little more room for sensitive skin to breathe. However, these fasteners are also more noticeable than posts.
  4. Latch Back Earrings: Latch backs work like tiny garden gates. They feature a back part that swings into a stationary catch and will often be found on hoops, huggies, drops, and dangles. The best thing about latch backs is that, since the back is affixed to the rest of the piece, there’s never any need to worry about losing it.
  5. Fish Hook Earrings: Fish hook earrings look just like their namesake. They have a gentle crook that drapes through the piercing and a circular ring in the front for hanging charms. Most fish hook earrings also feature additional back clasps or plastic caps that keep them in place.

The Best Earring Style for Every Face Shape

Now that women know a little something about the different styles of earrings and backs available, it’s time to pause and look in the mirror. The next step is to determine face shape. Choosing a style of earrings based on face shape lets women highlight their best features, but only if they know what to look for.

Best Styles for Oval Faces

Oval-shaped faces look somewhat like an egg. Most women with this face shape have foreheads the same width as their cheekbones and faces that narrow from the cheeks to the chin. Oval faces look great with just about any earring style, but some still work better than others. Try drawing attention to perfect cheekbones with simple studs or triangular drop earrings.

Best Styles for Round Faces

Round faces are wide across the cheekbones and narrow across the forehead and jawline. Women with round faces can elongate them by wearing long, geometric dangle earrings or teardrops. Try to stick with simple, elegant designs instead of highly detailed, massive earrings.

Best Styles for Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces have wide foreheads and cheeks that taper down to women’s chins. The goal when choosing earrings for a heart-shaped face is to balance out the shape and draw attention to three key areas: the cheekbones, jawline, and eyes. Go for long, curved drop or dangle earrings to accomplish this goal.

Best Styles for Square Faces

Square faces don’t narrow as much from the cheekbone to the jawline or forehead. Huggies and hoops are both great for making a square face look less angular. For a more subtle look, square-faced women can also try circular studs.

Best Styles for Narrow Faces

Long, thin faces may be more angular or more rounded, but either way, the goal is the same. Women with this face type will want to find earrings that make their faces look fuller. The best options include hoops, short dangles, and round studs.

Best Earring Styles for Every Bone Structure

Finding the right earring style isn’t just about face shape, although that is crucial. Women also need to consider their bone structure, especially when it comes to the size and weight of earrings.

Best Styles for Fine Bone Structures

Women with fine bone structures tend to have a delicate, feminine appearance. They look best in thin, fine earrings. Stick to traditional metals and gemstones and avoid chunky options like large wooden hoops or colorful dangles and drops. Delicate huggies and climbers are also good options for women who want to embrace a more alternative style.

Best Styles for Heavy Bone Structures

Women with larger bone structures can pull off flashier styles that would look absurd on fine-boned folks. Medium to large, chunky earrings will create a stunning look, while thin, fine earrings tend to draw too much attention to heavy-boned faces.

Best Styles for Medium Bone Structures

When looking at bone structure as a spectrum, most women fall somewhere in the middle. The best options will fall somewhere in the middle, too, but it can take some experimentation to find the right style.

Metals and Gemstones: Matching Coloring

Every woman’s skin and hair fit a certain season. Most fashionistas are already aware of whether they’re springs, summers, falls, or winters because understanding skin tone is the first step toward choosing clothing color palettes. It’s just as important for choosing the right metals and gemstones.

Best Earrings for Winter Coloring

Winters have light skin and dark hair. They tend to look best in silver and pewter earrings set with richly colored gemstones. Try to avoid earth tones.

Best Earrings for Spring Coloring

Springs have warmer skin tones accompanied by lighter hair. Gold, copper, and white gold are all good metals for women with spring skin tones. Pale, clear, or brightly colored gems are all a good fit.

Best Earrings for Summer Coloring

Women with light, cool tones for both skin and hair are summers. Choosing metals like silver that won’t overpower that pale coloring and avoid bright gemstones.

Best Earrings for Fall Coloring

Fall colorings have warm skin tones and darker hair. Most people who fall into this category are best off choosing rich colors and gold settings.

Final Thoughts

Women who want to find the perfect earrings should now be armed with all the practical information they need to choose the right style, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different types, sizes, and colors of earrings to find out what works best.


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