A Binance Sub-Account
A Binance Sub-Account

Binance is the best and most popular crypto exchange with a user base of about 16,700,000 people in different parts of the world.

The average trading volume on the exchange is $41,134,542,793 per day. In addition, Binance provides a huge number of trading tools that allow users to automate and improve the trading process.

However, it may be difficult for some users to access the services of the exchange, as Binance has changed the registration rules. Users must now complete the verification, which can take several days. Nevertheless, users can bypass the complicated verification process by creating a Binance sub-account on the Cryptorobotics platform. Let’s see how to do it.

What is a Binance sub-account?

The Binance sub-account is a free tool that allows users to create multiple sub-accounts with help of the Cryptorobotics account.

To create a Binance sub-account, the user needs to go through the registration process on the platform. 

The Binance sub-account allows traders to reduce fees during trading, minimize risk by splitting balance, use different strategies for crypto trading, manage crypto portfolios independently, and have access to all trading tools on the Binance exchange without restrictions.

In other words, a Binance sub-account helps users avoid restrictions and get a profit from trades without any problems.

Users can create up to 2 additional accounts and use Cryptorobotics trading features such as crypto bots, crypto signals, copy trading, auto-following, OCOs (Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing), and ladder smart orders.

How to start using a Binance sub-account on the Cryptorobotics platform?

To create a sub-account, the user needs to register on a Cryptorobotics platform as this account allows users to have access to the sub-account. If the user already has an account on the platform, he needs to follow this instruction:

  • Log in to your account created on the Cryptorobotics platform.
  • Click on the “Account” button.
  • Press the “Binance Sub-Accounts” and “+ Binance Sub-Account”.
  • API keys will be automatically obtained for the Binance crypto exchange.

To generate API keys for Binance Futures, the user needs to:

  • Click “Create an API key for BINANCE trading”.
  • Then click “Create an API key for trading BINANCE FUTURES”.
  • Specify a name for the subaccount.
  • Confirm that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of use.
  • Click on the “Create Sub-account” button.

Why is it worth using a sub-account on Binance?

  • The ability to create an account on the Binance exchange without verification.
  • Fast and smooth transactions.
  • Access to trading tools on the Binance or Binance Futures exchanges without restrictions.
  • Implementation of various strategies during crypto trading on Binance.
  • Safe use of a Binance sub-account.
  • Replenish the main crypto wallet of the subaccount. 

More detailed information on how to fund a sub-account crypto wallet and transfer funds between the main and additional accounts on the Cryptorobotics platform can be found here.

After the API keys are created, they will be available in the Exchange Accounts section.


The Binance sub-account is a feature that enhances the cryptocurrency trading experience and allows users to enter trades on multiple sub-accounts simultaneously, distributing tasks, and implementing different strategies. As a result, with the help of this feature, traders can reduce risks and trade cryptocurrencies more efficiently and securely. 


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