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How to Dance Klombo for Chapter 3 Season 1 Challenge on Fortnite

How to Dance on Fortnite Klombo: Fortnite Challenges will be launched weekly in-game to help players earn more XP. Players must find Klombo in order to complete one of these tasks, which mainly deal with the recent event of this week’s in-game challenges.

Players must dance on Top of Klombo to complete the challenge. The article outlines a guide on how to dance on Fortnite Klombo and its locations in Chapter 3 Season 1.

How to dance on Fortnite Klombo 

–Dance on Klombo (1)

Klombos are wild animals in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were introduced in Chapter 3: Season 1. If you attack a Klombo, it will become aggressive and the music will be more like a boss fight. Klombos stand on their hind legs before launching a ball of noxious acid at the player, or charging and stomping on them if close enough.

Fortnite challenges are launched weekly in-game to allow players to earn more in-game XP with ease by completing some simple tasks. Fortnite’s quests are always pretty exciting, and Epic Games has come up with a ton of new stuff for their battle royale enthusiasts. How to dance on Fortnite Klombo 

Klombos change color when fed. They will also turn dark red and glow when aggressive. Klombos have several designated spawn locations on the map, as follows:

  • Near Haven’s Oasis landmarkfar east of Chonker’s Speedway POI
  • On the street nearby Landmark of the dilapidated templenear The Joneses POI
  • Between Tilted Towers and Camp Cuddle POI, near Happy camper landmark
  • Near the small landmark of the temple, south of the Daily Bugle POI
  • Near Landmark of the Dirt-Cut Circuitsouth of the POI Coney Crossroads

In order to dance on Klombos, players must find one and step on it. You can use the Spider-Man Mythic web shooter to quickly complete this quest. Players can also feed the Klombo logberries and then try to get on it by jumping on its tail. 

Challenges are always a good addition to the game for more XP. Although these are not required to be completed, players can earn free XP and thus other rewards.


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