How to Do Pink & White Ombre Nail Design


The French Manicure has long been a staple in every fashionista’s handbook. This style represents a timeless elegance and air of sophistication.

Popular now in salons is a modern twist on the pink and white manicure: incorporating the Ombre technique. The Ombre Dip, also known as the French Fade or Baby Boomer Nails, evokes a softer mood.

Dip powder manicures are touted as a healthier technique and product for long-lasting nails. Instead of brushing on a liquid or gel product, nails are coated with an adhesive, then a very fine powder is poured over the nails which contains the color.

For pink and white, the colors of dip used are the natural pinks or clear, and white powder for the tips. Using dip for French manicures is hardly a new concept.  SNS Nails was the first to introduce Pink & White dip powders 30 years ago, and virtually any salon in the world can do a dip French manicure. However the Ombre technique is new and fresh.

What is Ombre Nail Design?

Instead of settling for a single shade, the Ombre nail design transforms your look by blending 2 colors with gradient.

Whereas the French Manicure is defined by its crisp lines and definite pink and white colors, the Pink & White Ombre is more of a fade, with colors that softly transition. It results in an effortless chic manicure, where there is a gradient between the two colors instead of delineated lines.

In Ombre nails, two colors blend in a smooth transition as they graduate towards each other. Typically, the colors take a dark and light theme to produce a striking contrast.

Your nails look chic and sophisticated with a polished and understated simplicity. There are tons of colors and textures, from nudes to electrifying neons and glitters you can choose for every occasion. Pick the perfect nail color for your taste and skin tone, and have fun with it.

Pink and White Ombre Nails with Dip: A Step-By-Step Process

Here are the steps to do a pink and white Ombre with dip powder:

Prepare the Nails

Clean the nails to remove any polish, dirt, and excess oils to ensure proper adhesion. Trim your nails to the desired length. Push back the cuticles to give nails a defined shape and to prevent lifting at later stages.

Apply a Base Coat

Apply a base coat made for dip powder on the entire nails.  Apply a thin layer and make sure it’s even on all sides. Correct application will offer a tight seal.

Apply the White Dip Powder

Brush on the adhesive designed for dip on the outer tip edge of the nail.  Bring the White Dip Powder container towards the nails. At a 45-degree angle, dip the nail in and out—and dust off the excess. Do not go over the entire nail surface, only the tip, and by all means, avoid the cuticles.

Sprinkle on the Pink Dip Powder

Apply another base adhesive layer, over the rest of the nail, slightly overlapping with the white. Avoid the cuticles and the sides of your nails. Using a brush about the size of an eye shadow brush, sprinkle and lightly brush on the pink shade over the rest of the nail. Repeatedly dip and apply the powder until the base half of the nail is completely covered.

Repeat using the Brush  for Two More Coats

Again apply the adhesive from the middle of the nail to the tip, dip your brush into the white powder, and sprinkle and lightly brush the powder all over the tip of the nail. You will be repeatedly dipping your brush into the powder and applying it to the tip for full coverage. Repeat again for the pink coat, and then one more time for the white and the pink. Because this is a powder, the sprinkling method will naturally blend the two colors into a smooth transition. Dust off any excess.

Apply Activator, File, and Top Coat

Brush on the activator to the full nail. File nails to shape. And brush on the final top coat with one or two coats to seal.

Wash your hands or clean the nails with alcohol wipes, and your Ombre dip nails are ready to flaunt.

Pink and white dipping powders can create subtle yet impressive Ombre designs with basic natural pinks or sparkly glitters. The super-soft pink at the base complements the classic white at the tip of the nails to get the perfect look.


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