Most of the times ladies rushing to work or a meeting commit the very same mistake by picking their best dress and pairing it with the first pair of tights they find. However, you should never underestimate the role of tights, since they do matter in the overall look you create. There is even the danger of failing with your look if the tights are not picked correctly. That’s why we are going to talk about the basic ways of combining tights with dresses and skirts, introducing the main tips and know-hows that you need to follow. After this article, you should visit the best online boutique to pick up tights.

1. Matching Tights To Your Skin Tone

There is one universal type of tights that will match any dress and shoes. These are silky nude tights that match the tone of your skin. So, if you are in a hurry and can’t take time to pick the best option, you can always choose this type.

2. Ditching Shiny Tan-Toned Tights

If you have a pair of shiny nude tights, you’d better stop using them since they have been considered out-of- fashion for quite a while already. You should never opt for tights that are darker in tone than your skin even if you want to look tanned. The tone of you tights should be as close as possible to the natural tone of your skin- and not shiny.

3. Seamless Tights With Tight Dresses

For a tight-fitting dress, you should pick seamless tights to prevent the upper part of the tights from being visible underneath.

4. Neutral Tights for Business Looks

The strict business style doesn’t allow tights with fishnet texture or with patterns. For a business suit, the tone of the tights you choose should be neutral combined with a natural texture of smooth, soft, and matte design.

5. Arrow Patterns with LBDs

The classic Little Black Dress will match just perfectly with tights that have arrow-like patterns, which will also visually elongate the look of your legs on top of matching your dress.

6. Matching Tights to The Material of Your Dress

If you have picked a dress of a darker shade, matching it with darker toned shoes, you should not wear transparent tights. You’d better pick darker toned tights, especially if the dress is made of warm “wintery’ materials, or choose some semi-transparent types if the dress is made of lighter fabrics.

7. Breaking the Rules

There is an idea that the lighter the dress is, the thinner the tights should be, but now there are more and more girls around breaking this principle going for silk guipure dresses with thick black tights in fall. The tone of the shoes should preferably be matched with the tone of tights, but there’s nothing wrong if they don’t match.

8. Say No to White Boots With Black Tights

Something to never do is to combine white boots with black tights or black boots with skin-toned tights.

9. Darker Tights Slim Legs

White and colorful tights will often widen your legs. So, if you want to slim your legs, you need black tights or tights in other dark colors such as dark grey, dark navy, brown, dark green, etc. If the tights match exactly the tone of your shoes, this will, again, elongate your legs.

10. Wearing Patterned Tights

If you opt for printed tights, you should match them with classic black, white, or gray dresses.

11. Monotonous Printed Tights

In addition, if you want to match printed tights with your dress, the latter should be monotone. This way you will divert the attention from your legs, which also means that your shoes should also visually elongate your looks.

12. Prints Can Be Dangerous

One thing that you should avoid with printed tights is picking options where the print visually cuts the leg in two horizontal lines or with colorful transitions. This makes your legs shorter and wider.

13. Picking Complementary Hues for Colorful Dresses

The colors of your tights and dress should compliment each other. Still, you shouldn’t take it as a must to match a yellow dress with yellow tights (this will even look weird).

However, keep in mind that a blue dress, for instance, is not the best option for pink tights. On the other hand, gray options will be ideal for that color dress.

14. Polka-Dotted Tights For Retro Looks

For classic retro looks, you can’t do without polka-dotted tights. This pattern looks great for any legs when the tights have smaller dots. Be wary of larger polka dots, however, on tights.

15. Open-Toe Shoes With Thick Tights

Open-toe booties or boots will look nice even with thick tights if you pick your tights with care.

If you follow these tips, you will never get into a panic trying to match your favorite dress with the right tights. All you need to do is preserve the harmony and balance of the looks, not letting any detail compete or overshadow the other one.


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