How to get Revelry Row Island Token in Lost Ark 


In Lost Ark, there are 95 island tokens to collect in-game. These island tokens can be collected and then converted into an NPC on Opher, the deserted island. Collecting all 95 island tokens will reward you with a variety of different rewards including stat potions, skill point potions, mounts, etc.

The Revelry Row Island Token is obtainable after completing a series of daily quests on the island. This is a daily quest from Una, which you can obtain by going to the Una’s Quests menu in-game. You can access this menu by pressing “Alt+J” on your keyboard.

The task of Una that you have to complete is called “cocktail in hand”. Accept and complete this quest six times. After that, complete the purple quest Unbreakable Beat. This quest is given by the Revelry Row Manager.

Note: To complete the purple quest you must access Harmony Island. You can find the location of the island in this guide here, and while you’re at it try picking up the island token there as well. Once you complete this quest, you will receive the Revelry Row Island Token.


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