Here are 9 cheats on how to make wood in Little Alchemy. Try out these alchemy hints and let the fun begin. You can easily understand the alchemy cheats and hints. Think of all possible ways that are necessary to get a wood from a tree and you can easily come up with required combinations.


You can make wood in Little Alchemy by using nine different combinations.

Cheat 1: Axe and Forest

If you are in forest, you definitely need an axe so that you can cut the tree and get wood. So, it’s a simple combination.

Cheat 2: Axe and Tree

Similar to above hint. You need an axe and strike it on the tree branches to get wood.

Cheat 3: Chainsaw and Forest

These days chain saw is mostly used for cutting trees into pieces of wood. So, if you are going to forest with a chainsaw, you can easily return with a lot of wood.

Cheat 4: Chainsaw and Tree

Same login. We need chainsaw and use it to take wood from the tree.

Cheat 5: Lumberjack and Forest

The term Lumberjack is used for a person who deals with cutting of wood and further processing in north american culture. So, this combination makes sense.

Cheat 6: Tool and Forest

Metal tools can help you cut wood in the forest. So, this is also the workable option in our scenario.

Cheat 7: Lumberjack and Tree

Lumberjack is the person who primarily deals with cutting of trees. So, it is also considerable combination.

Cheat 9: Tool and Tree

You can use the tool to cut any brank or break it.

Cheat 8: Sword and Tree

Not usually common these days. But it can be used to serve the purpose and will take more time to cut a tree.

Now, we are hopeful that you know how to make wood in Little Alchemy.


We’ve listed down 64 cheats and hints of things that you can make from wood and combining other items in little alchemy. Wood +

  1. Story makes pinocchio
  2. Stream makes bridge
  3. Swordfish makes fishing rod
  4. Tobacco makes pipe
  5. Tool makes axe
  6. Tree makes treehouse
  7. Air makes flute
  8. Animal makes beaver
  9. Bee makes beehive
  10. Bird makes woodpecker
  11. Blade makes axe and sword
  12. Blender makes paper
  13. Bow makes arrow
  14. Bullet makes arrow
  15. Charcoal makes pencil
  16. Cheese makes mousetrap
  17. Coal makes pencil
  18. Container makes bucket and fireplace
  19. Cook makes cutting board
  20. Corpse makes coffin
  21. Earth makes plow
  22. Fabric makes drum and tent
  23. Field makes fence and plow
  24. Fire makes campfire + charcoal + smoke
  25. Fish makes fishing rod
  26. Fruit makes fruit tree
  27. Garden makes fence
  28. Glass makes mirror
  29. Hay makes broom
  30. Horse makes trojan horse
  31. House makes log cabin
  32. Human makes lumberjack and tool
  33. Ice makes snowboard
  34. Juice makes popsicle
  35. Lake makes boat
  36. Leather makes drum
  37. Letter makes mailbox
  38. Wall makes fence
  39. Water makes boat and paper
  40. Wheel makes cart
  41. Wind makes flute
  42. Wine makes barrel
  43. Wire makes bow
  44. Wizard makes wand
  45. Wood makes wall
  46. Life makes pinocchio
  47. Machine makes paper
  48. Mailman makes mailbox
  49. Metal makes tool
  50. Music makes drum
  51. Ocean makes boat
  52. Paper makes book
  53. Pencil makes ruler
  54. Piranha makes fishing rod
  55. Plant makes tree
  56. Pressure makes paper
  57. River makes boat and bridge
  58. Rock makes tool
  59. Rope makes bow
  60. Sea makes boat
  61. Snow makes snowboard
  62. Sound makes bell
  63. Steel makes tool
  64. Stone makes axe and tool


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