How To Make YouTube Videos Popular: Driving Search Traffic With Video SEO


One of the ways to make videos popular on YouTube is to move them to the top for targeted queries in Google and YouTube searches. We figured out how to optimize your video pages and drive organic traffic to popularize your videos for profit. 

YouTube videos find viewers and subscribers in several ways. The most reliable one is your existing base of subscribers, the audience that is waiting for the next video notifications. Traffic also comes from recommended videos where videos with good behavioral indicators get: number and time of video viewing, audience engagement, and loyalty level of viewers. 

The next source is links on websites, social networks, and YouTube, ads from bloggers. It is on these channels of traffic that are most often focused on when promoting videos. 

But there is another channel for traffic – search engines (YouTube, Google). With the right approach, you can achieve a steady flow of viewers from here. This is relevant for specific thematic and novice channels that have not yet had time to create a large community. Especially since there is no need to incur extra expenses. 

Of course, in order to get traffic from the search engine to take a top position on the main requests. Ideally, the video should be ranked in the top 3 or at least in the top 6 of the organic video block of search results on desktop, mobile, and on their mobile app. 

Positions are influenced by the clickability of the video, the amount views, subscribers, reposts, and other factors. However, all of these factors work poorly without relevant keywords in different parts of the video page. You just have to follow a smart YouTube SEO strategy including keyword research.

Buying YouTube Views 

The number of YouTube views also may influence reaching the top. More viewers make the video viral and popular. Therefore, YouTube will want to show it to even more users. 

Don’t worry if your statistic is bad, you can buy YouTube views and help your video become popular. If you cooperate with trusted companies, it is absolutely safe to buy video viewers. 

Semantic Score 

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, first of all, we mean the preparation of the semantic core: keywords and phrases that users use to find information in search engines. When posting videos on YouTube they are often forgotten or simply do not realize their importance. 

Where To Place Key Phrases 

1. Video Title 

From the point of view of users, this is the most important element. It is by the title that people determine whether a video is suitable for them or not. In the best possible way, the title should contain a single keyword that best describes the essence of the video. Visit the Neil PatelYouTube channel for a good example of this video SEO tactic.

Try to put the key query in the first 40 characters. This part of the title is displayed in the recommended videos section. 

2. Video Description 

Further there are many ways to make a video, you can turn images into a video by using any video editor software If you talk about the description then you may say it helps viewers understand what the video is about better. 

A properly written description increases the click-through rate (CTR) of a snippet in search, improves positioning, gets more YouTube views, and engages viewers better. 

3. Tags 

Properly chosen tags help to get to the top of the search YouTube, Google, as well as in the recommendation block. 

What key queries are suitable for placement in the tags: 

• High-Frequency Queries. They characterize the general topic of the video (“refrigerators or “repair”). 2-3 tags with such queries are enough for Google crawlers. 

• Queries That Accurately Capture The Essence Of The Video. For example, to tag the video about painting the car body queries like “painting the car body” or “painting the hood with their own hands”. Tags with such queries should be the most long-tail and descriptive tagging. 

 Branded Requests. Tags should add the name of a personal or corporate brand, brand channels, brands of products. 

• Requests From Related Topics. They are needed for broader coverage of topics. For example, if your video is about the construction of a house then fit queries “ideas for the design of a country house”. 

How To Tag A Video On YouTube 

Use online services like Kparser, Hypersuggest, Wordtracker. They work on the same principle: you enter a basic keyword phrase, choose a country and language, and get a list of queries. 

The browser extensions VidIQ, TubeBuddy, and Clever can also help you with tags. The SEO block shows the frequency of keywords used in the title and description. Such phrases should be added to the video first. 

Video SEO Like A Pro

Execute all of these tips when posting each video and soon you will see the increased traffic results on your videos! We wish you good luck on growing your YouTube videos and channels.


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