How to Play Solitaire Card Games With Real Cards?


Solitaire is a popular card game, and many people enjoy this pastime. While you can play in this website, some people still prefer playing with actual cards. For them, there is nothing like the feel of the physical cards under the fingers, and they enjoy seeing the setup laid out on the table.

Solitaire Rules and Setup

Solitaire is a game played with a standard deck of 52 cards which you can find at almost any major retailer. However, if you’re looking for a more interesting-looking deck, you can get novelty playing cards online. A deck of cards is a very inexpensive investment, and prices usually range from $1 to $20.

How to Set Up Solitaire

All you need is a table or a flat playing surface.

  • Start with a shuffled deck of cards.
  • Place seven cards down on the table. The first card needs to be placed face-up. You should place the other six cards face-down.
  • Place a face-up card on the 2nd pile and face-down cards on the remaining piles to the right.
  • Place a face-up card on the 3rd pile and face-down cards on the remaining piles to the right.
  • Continue this pattern moving from left to right until each pile has one face-up card. 

When the game is all set up, the first pile will have one face-up card. The second pile will have one face-up card and one face-down card underneath the face-up card. The third pile will have one face-up card and two face-down cards. This pattern continues until the seventh pile.

How to Play Solitaire

The game’s objective is to place cards in foundation piles in a suit, beginning with the ace and moving up to the king. At the end of the game, you’ll have four foundation piles, one for each suit. There are three ways you move cards around.

  • Face-up cards can be moved from one pile to another as long as the card you’re moving to the new pile is one number lower than the existing face-up card and is the opposite color. For example, seven of spades may be placed underneath eight of hearts. 
  • You can also move the cards to the foundation piles. Each foundation pile begins with the ace of each suit. As the ace is revealed, it is placed into a foundation pile. Additional cards are placed into the foundation piles as they become available in a suit and ascending order.
  • You can play the cards from the remaining deck. After the game is set up, there will be twenty-four cards remaining. These cards are revealed one at a time, and you may play the revealed face-up card into either of the seven piles or one of the foundation piles.

Rules of Solitaire

As you move any face-up cards, reveal the face-down cards underneath the pile -you can now use those cards in play. When one of the piles is gone, you can only move a king into the open space. Then you may add cards to that pile in descending order in opposite colors. You can move the top card of a foundation pile back into one of the seven piles as long as you stick to the rules above. 

How to Win or Lose Solitaire

You win the game when the last card has been placed into the foundation piles. However, you lose if you reach a point where no legal moves are available and no cards are left to play.Solitaire is a fun game that many play to defeat boredom and pass the time. Knowing the rules and how to play with a real deck of cards can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation!


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