How to Refresh Discord or Restart a Discord Server? (Answered)


As we all know that Discord is a VoIP platform with quality services it is helping people to build dedicated communities for networking and fun. While it is widely being used by thousands of communities, there are a few bugs on Discord that sometimes make it awkward for one to smoothly run a Discord server.

However, with just one refresh, we can resolve those issues and that’s why you are reading this article as we are going to reveal a few quick and secret methods to refresh discord or restart a discord server.

Why we need to refresh Discord servers? well, here’s a list of the most common issues that you can resolve with a refresh:

  • Discord sometimes keep showing wrong status icons
  • Discord sometimes show users offline while they are online and online while they are offline
  • Sometimes we see wrong icons, green when it should be yellow and red when it should be green

Like these mentioned cases and issues, when you start using Discord frequently, you will experience a few other similar errors and bugs, to cope with such issues, just a refresh could do the trick. But, most of the discord users don’t know how to refresh discord or simply restart a discord server.

Here I am sharing a few quick methods on how to do the same.

How to Refresh Discord Server or Restart it? (Answer)

To your surprise, there are four different ways to refresh Discord or simply restart a discord server on Mac, PC, or even using a smartphone:

See how to restart a discord server:

  1. While on your PC or Mac, you can use the refresh discord hotkey CTRL+R.
  2. While on your Smartphone, you can refresh discord chats by pulling the screen up from the bottom.
  3. You can also force reload/refresh a discord server or whole app by closing it from the background and reopening it.
  4. While on your smartphone, you can also refresh discord app by holding the app screen and swiping it down (when on the main page).

These are the quick and free ways to refresh discord or restart a discord server on Mac, PC (laptop or desktop computer), and even on your mobile (smartphone).

How to refresh discord on Mac

While on a Macbook (iOS-powered device), you can simply press hotkey or the secret keyboard shortcut CTRL+R and refresh Discord.

Refreshing discord app will help you to fix the most common issues such as frozen channel, wrong status, delay in new direct messages, wrong icons, and more.


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