How To Share WiFi Password From Mac To iPhone


A new function called Share Your WiFi was added to the iOS 11 platform by Apple when it was released. For iOS 11 and newer devices and Macs running High Sierra, this feature enables you to share your WiFi network password. Here, we’ll explain how to transfer a WiFi password from a Mac to an iPhone, and the other way around, too.

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How To Share WiFi Password From Mac To iPhone

  • Click “System Preferences” From Your Home Screen
  • Select “Sharing
  • After Open “Sharing” . Select “Content Caching“.
  • Afterward Click “ok
  • As you See You’ve selected a checkbox

Now On your iPhone you need to restart it the easiest way to restart is. Go to “Setting” >> “General”. Scroll to the end and tap shut down

So, now you need to turn On the iPhone On connect the iPhone to the mac with a data cable and it’s automatically going to power ON

If you have a WiFi Or Cellular data enabled it on your iPhone You can turn it Off Now iPhone is going to be able  to use  the internet connection from the MacBook . It will take some time for iPhone to start detecting the connection


How can I connect my Mac to my iPhone through Wi-Fi?

Make sure you have the other person’s Apple ID in your Contacts app. Bring the other person’s computer up near to yours. Select the Wi-Fi network on the other person’s device. Wait a few seconds for the Wi-Fi Password message to appear on your Mac, and then click Share to share the password.

What’s the best way to sync my phone’s Wi-Fi password with my Mac’s?

Android users should go to Settings, Connections (or Network and Internet) and then Wi-Fi on their phones. You’ll notice a QR code symbol next to the Add Network button if you scroll down. To rapidly scan the code, just tap on it. The gadget should be connected after scanning the code.

How can I transfer Wi-Fi from my Mac to my iPad?

Your Mac may be found in the OTHER DEVICES section of iOS’ Bluetooth settings. When asked, choose the option to pair or connect on your Mac. It’s possible that when you connect from your Mac, a six-digit code will appear on your iPhone or iPad. If this happens, just touch “Pair” on your iOS device to proceed.

Can I use my Mac as a hotspot for my iPhone?

If your iPhone or iPad (cellular model) is within range of your Mac, your computer will be able to connect to the internet through the personal hotspot that the device creates while it is in range of both devices.


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