How to Track Someone’s Phone for Free by Their Number 


There’s a lot of software out there, from services like Google’s Android and iOS geolocation, to free apps and websites. While most of these services offer a variety of features and varying levels of user friendliness and accuracy, they all have one thing in common: they’re expensive. As costly as these services are, they’re necessary if you want to keep tabs on your kids and employees. But what if you don’t have the money for these services, or you want to track people without them knowing? Fortunately, there’s an alternative one that’s much more affordable and doesn’t require setting foot in a software store.  Find out how to track phone number for free in this article.

According to the co-founder of SCA Auction, you may have seen it on TV or heard of it from someone – your phone can be tracked with your number. And now you’re wondering if you can track someone’s phone with theirs. We cover everything you need to know about this subject here. 

Can I find someone’s location by their phone number? 

First, let’s cut to the chase – yes, you can track someone’s phone by their number. But it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. 

Finding out where your loved ones are and attaining peace of mind once you know they’re safe is one of those rare feelings in the world you can’t put a number on. You can also read mSpy reviews from – see where each member of your family is on detailed maps, or at a Essaydoc cheap essay writer or even in a pro kabaddi league betting, you can check their route history over a specific interval of time, or view details of specific listed locations like essay writing service EssayHave®,coordinates and such. Responsible tracking goes a long way, and can often be the only thing standing between you and the unfortunate luck of being kidnapped or held hostage. Being vigilant and ready for anything is crucial to survival, especially in the times we live in.

To find someone’s phone with their number in real-time, you need to get in touch with their phone carrier and make a tracking request. You must have a legitimate reason to track their phones. This approach may or may not work for you. 

Do you want to know their real location? That’s where comes in. Just enter their phone number and will text them a message with a special link. As soon as they tap the link, will send you their location.

The best part? There’s absolutely no app to install. Not on your phone. Not on theirs. Just create your account, pay for your message (or batch of messages) and you’re good to go. works anywhere in the world, so whether they’re in Paris, France or at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, it doesn’t matter. will feed you their location just like magic.

You can also use an “Avoidcaller“ reverse phone lookup service, which gives you a general area location of the device. But the location data you get isn’t always reliable, and real-time tracking isn’t possible.

iSharing is the highest-rated location tracking app on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. With millions of users across the world, iSharing allows family members and close friends to privately share location with each other.

How it works 

iSharing uses a mix of GPS, your phone signal, and Wi-Fi connection to determine a cell phone’s location. iSharing then displays the location using Apple or Google Maps, allowing users to enjoy the location tracker from anywhere in the world. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

To start tracking a phone’s location, you need to download the app, sign up, and add the person that you want to track as a “friend.”

iSharing Official Website:

Benefits of iSharing

There are distinct pros for iSharing, especially compared to the other apps on this list.

  1. The app is FREE with an optional paid subscription. To track a location of your own device and one additional person, the free version is more than enough.
  2. iSharing offers 90-day location history, which is the longest time period that location history is offered compared to all other competitors.
  3. The “Place Alert” feature notifies you immediately when a family member or a friend leaves and arrives at a designated location. This helps parents know when their children are going to after school activities or spouses to be notified when their partner is leaving work.
  4. iSharing also offers a variety of additional features, such as Driving Report, which tracks dangerous events while driving. iSharing also offers instant messaging between users, whether it’s text, photo, and even voice.
  5. iSharing is not a spying app. However, consent lets iSharing help families and friends build trust between each other, all the while keeping each other safe through location sharing.

Is there another option? The only reliable way to track a phone number is by using a tracking solution like Spyine. 

Tracking someone’s phone using a tracking solution 

Spyine is a dedicated phone tracking solution for Android and iOS. It has been featured on top channels like TechNewsDaily, PC World, and BBC. You access the app from any web browser and track phone numbers in real-time.

How it works  

The app tracks target Android and iOS devices using the in-built GPS and WiFi signals. Also, it can track phone numbers via the SIM card. And you can learn how to track a cell phone location without installing software. You just need to configure it first. 

For iOS: You don’t need to download or install any software on the target device. Spyine for iOS extracts the iCloud backup on the target device periodically. You can configure the app right from your web browser and start tracking remotely. 

For Android: You have to download and install a tiny app(less than 2MB) on the target device. The app will run in the background and transmit the user’s location to you via the internet. It can send you periodic location updates and other data. 

Spyine Official Website:

The app offers several advantages  

If you use Spyine to track someone’s phone location, you can expect several benefits: 

1. Spyine offers powerful features

Spyine will find someone’s location for you with precision: 

  • SIM Tracking: The SIM tracker tracks the phone number in the device. You can sign up to receive a notification if the user changes their number. Also, the app will track the phone number via the SIM card on a map, using phone connection information. 
  • Map tracking: The location tracker uses a combination of GPS and WiFi signals. It can track the phone in real-time. You can view the phone’s recent locations on an interactive map. You can click on a location pin for more details. 
  • Location data: With the location log, the app will record the phone’s location details. Some of the information you receive include street addresses, neighborhood information, entry and exit dates, and geographical coordinates. 
  • Geofencing: Thanks to geofence support, you can set up watched zones around locations. If the device enters or leaves any zone, you will receive a notification. You can put up zones anywhere, including places like schools and worksites.  
  • Google Maps support: Spyine offers Google Maps support, which means that you can open locations in Google Maps and use its various features. For example, a 3D street view to take an up-close look at locations. 

2. It’s private to use 

Spyine does not record your personal information or share it with anyone, which may be a risk with someone unknown apps. This app operates under strict privacy policy. You can use the app safely, worry-free.  

3. It’s a well-known brand 

This app has had over a million downloads in 190+ countries till date. It’s a known solution and has been tested by many users to be bug-free and effective. Users include parents who want to track their children and employers keeping an eye on employees. 

4. You won’t need to root or jailbreak 

Some phone trackers only work on rooted or jailbroken devices. Tinkering with the target operating system doesn’t always work. It can cause data loss or malware infections. Fortunately, Spyine is an advanced solution and doesn’t require either.

5. You can install it in minutes

You can set up Spyine in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee. You sign up for an account on the website and then follow the setup instructions. The process is simple. You can install the app without any technical skills from any PC or smartphone. 

6. It has a web-based interface 

The app comes with a web-based interface, which you can conveniently access from any internet-enabled device. You will be able to track anyone’s phone number from anywhere, at any time. With the geofence feature, you can automate the tracking. 

7. It doesn’t cost much 

You pay a reasonable monthly fee to use Spyine. The app will track a single cell phone for a month with the Premium subscription, which costs about as much as a pizza. You can track multiple devices at a discount with the group subscription options. 

It can’t work miracles 

Spyine is a powerful phone number tracking solution, but it requires the target device to connect to the internet periodically. Only then will it update the location log. Also, you can track the phone number only after the software configuration process. These are two common limitations. 

Before you purchase the app, you can try out the location and SIM trackers via the free live demo on the official website. 

Wrapping Up 

Using a mobile number tracker to follow someone’s movements and view their device activity is simple and hassle-free. It’s also safe, private, and effective. You will be able to track someone over days, weeks, or even months. Want to track people using your phone? Read this article for more information.


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