How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Your iPhone or iPad


The autocorrect feature of a word processor can be a very useful tool. It is very remarkable that it can figure out what word you intend to use even if the spelling is wrong, and it can do this even if the word is misspelt. Having said that, it’s not completely foolproof. Sometimes autocorrect gets it quite wrong, which is annoying at best and potentially disastrous at worst. Sometimes autocorrect gets it very incorrect. In addition, there are certain people who either do not like the feature or do not want it activated.

Thankfully, disabling the autocorrect feature on either your iPhone or iPad can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. The procedure is as follows.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Your iPhone or iPad

1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app, and then tap the General option.

2. On the General page, scroll down until you reach the Keyboard section, and then pick it

3. In the section titled “All Keyboards,” look for the option labelled “Auto-Correction.”

4. To disable the autocorrect feature, hit the button labelled “Auto-Correction,” which will then change its colour from green to grey.


How do I get rid of autocorrect?

Under the header “Keyboard,” select the “On-screen Keyboard” option from the drop-down menu. Simply selecting “Gboard” will bring up the settings menu for the Gboard app. At this point, you are free to proceed to the “Text Correction” section. Simply scroll down and turn off the “Auto-Correction” toggle.

Can I edit my iPhone autocorrect?

Unfortunately, the contents of the dictionary that iOS utilises for autocorrect cannot be edited, which means that once it learns a term, you are stuck with it. Through the use of Shortcuts, you will have a little bit more control over it.

How do I turn off predictive text on my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Tap the Keyboard Settings button, and then toggle the Predictive switch. You may also navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard and toggle the Predictive setting on or off from there.

How do I turn off predictive text on iOS 14?

Touch and hold or while you are working on the text. Tap the Keyboard Settings button, and then deactivate the Predictive setting.

How do you change autocorrect settings on iPhone?

Open a document in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on your iPhone or iPad, hit the More button, tap Settings, and then tap Auto-Correction to enable the feature. Choose Auto-Correction from the drop-down menu that appears after selecting “Preferences” from the Pages, Numbers, or Keynote app’s menu bar on a Mac.


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