Eye-catching, hot and dangerous, fluorescent neon colors are in this winter! Choosing acid green, muted neon, pink or electric blue clothing will make you stand out in the crowd. Indeed, these colors are very nice, feminine and add intrigue to your style. They highlight your bright personality and your goal to keep up with the latest fashion trends. However, whenever choosing one of these colors, make sure not to over-mix them since it can be risky in the aspect that you may look like a three-colored traffic light. Pair these colors with simpler and softer tones so that there is a contrast. Wear neon bright colors on the part of your body you want to define, since, once the color appears on that zone, it will indeed attract immediate attention.

Whether neon is one of your favorite colors or you are just testing out the trend, it is still a great way to add some brightness and cheerfulness to your summer wardrobe and make you have a fresh look. Follow the style tips below and learn interesting things about the neon color trend and how to wear neon colors wisely in order not to look like a glow-stick.

How to Choose Neon Colors

When it comes to color trends today, any shade of neon can work if styled correctly. The colors of bright green, pink, yellow and orange can change your entire look once chosen correctly and worn in harmony with the rest of the outfit.

If you are cautious of neon, it is recommended to start with one shade of neon first. Once you start feeling comfortable in it, you can go on adding either matching accessories or other neon colors. Start wearing these outfits at the beach or at home. Once you feel you are ready to show off, make these colors become your everyday choice for an ordinary casual look.

Other tips that will help you keep up with the trend while staying within your comfort zone are as follows:

• Pick the neon shade that you love most of all that goes well with your skin tone and hair color. For example, if your face is pale, then yellow and orange will not look good for you. Instead, you should take brighter colors like neon pink or cobalt blue. Neon blue looks good with those on blue eyes, and yellows and oranges bring out your hair’s highlights.

• Do not make all your outfits neon. Have one or two key neon pieces. When styling your look, take one or 2 pieces of neon clothing and combine them with neutral shades. A neon shirt, for instance, may look very stylish, when combined with some sexy skinny jeans you already have. Or simple accessories like a neon belt and matching purse can always be added to an outfit from your existing closet, giving it a second life.

• Think twice. If you do not want to catch attention, never opt for neons, since they will always make you visible from afar.

• Check if the outfit fits you well. Since neon colors are extremely bold and eye-catching, they tend to make one look larger than they are. If you have a pear figure, use the neon colors for the upper half of your body. For apple shaped bodies, feel free to use neon bottoms. If you have an ideal body shape with proper curves and slim legs, then wear neon on whichever zone you like.

• Choose accessories that will not overdo the outfit. Go for accessories that help to tone down the brightness of neon colors.

• Don’t know if the color will suit you? Then try small neon accessories first before purchasing any other piece of clothing. A neon belt or a clutch, or just your favorite neon nail polish can give you a hint if you like the color or not. Once you check these, go ahead buying your beloved neon color outfit.

Where to Wear Neon Colors

Since neon colors are bright, they can be easily worn on the beach. Here you do not have to limit yourself with one hue of neon only.

For other cases, the choice of neon colors depends on the type of the event you are going to. Check the dress code if there is any. Stay on the safe side without drawing too much attention. It is better to be safe than sorry.
You shouldn’t wear bright neon colors at the office, to an interview or during any other business related activities. Yet do not hesitate to wear neon colors to informal occasions: when visiting your friends, hanging out,  or for a school cocktail party.  For any other event that demands high-fashion, neon colors can by all means make your outfit stand out.

How to Style Neon Colors

For everyday use, neon colors can be a little bit tricky, so pay attention to the tips suggested below learning how to put neon things together. The key elements to always keep in mind with neon colors are as follows:

  • Use black or neutral together with neon colors in order to bring the bold and bright hues into balance.
  • Dark black tights always work. With these tights you can choose any neon color for your top or neon loose dresses and you will have a fascinating look.
  • In a word, it is important to pair your outfits in taste. Be on the safe side avoiding being considered way too tasteless, dress as you would normally do and wear one piece of cloth in neon color. Combine colors as you normally do and apply this to neon colors. For example, if blue and yellow look good together, then use fluorescent yellow shorts with a vibrant blue blouse. Stick to the color blocking rules, and you’ll do it right.
  • However, if there are colors that you do not know how to combine, turn to the classical white or black ones. Combine the neon color with a white or black piece and you will have an ideal outfit.
  • If in the summer you want to look all in neon, combining two neon pieces, make sure that one is brighter than the other one. Or if you want to excess the limits and go for 3 colors of neon, which is indeed very risky and does not suit everyone, then at least pick 2 that are within the same family of colors and pick the third one in a different neon hue. For example: a pink and orange pair of shorts, pink shirt and green cardigan.

There are so many ways of wearing neon-colored clothing that you simply cannot keep all of them in mind. Always make sure to try each of the accessories first, compare the final look, make sure you do not lack confidence in the outfit, and once ready, feel free to head out to show off yourself.


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