How to Win Fortnite


By 2021, Fortnite is expected to have over 350 million users, making it one of the most successful video games of all time. It’s still possible for gamers to miss out on the aforementioned Victory Royale, even after spending hours on Endless mode in the game. But we’re here to assist you with advanced strategies that will help you prepare for the latter stages of a match.

This isn’t a how-to for those with no prior experience. For those who already know how to build a simple fort, discover treasures fast, and know which weapons do what, these advanced suggestions are for you. First-time Fortnite gamers should check out our beginner’s guide first. Check out our advanced advice below once you’ve mastered the mechanics of each match. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to be successful in Fortnite. Here’s how to do it.

Turn on visualize sound effects

Make sure to check out the Audio area in Fortnite’s Settings before you begin a match. Sound effects can be seen in this section. You’ll be able to see enemy footsteps and chests if you activate this feature. As a result, you’ll always know where your rivals are, giving you a significant edge. In addition, knowing where the chests are can help you win the game because a strong load out can lead to victory.

Keeping this in mind, it’s a good idea to fine-tune your settings in order to get the best out of your game. You may want to play about with the settings for a little while to see if there’s anything that interests you. Changing the way you play might be as simple as swapping out the controllers, changing the visuals, or even altering your movement.

Picking a suitable landing spot

We’re going to go through all of the game variants in Battle Royale and give you advice on how to win. But first, a word about how you like to get your game started. Everything else in the game will be determined by the landing zone you choose at the beginning of the battle. A quick demise might be yours if you make the incorrect choice. Zones like The Daily Bugle, with their catchy names like “The Daily Bugle,” are only accessible to the most self-assured and proficient shooters. There is a murder fest waiting to happen if you aren’t prepared for it in such places.

Instead, look for residences and regions on the map that aren’t identified but are close to well-known landmarks. Sanctuary and Sleepy Sound’s northerly part are two areas that fall under this category There are fewer players in these places, but the treasure is still assured. You can also choose less well-known areas on the map as your starting point. Camp Cuddle and Condo Canyon on the periphery are usually good choices, but this varies seasonally.

It’s a good idea to stay up with Fortnite’s latest updates. Do you know of a new address? Was there a big alteration to an established location? Avoid places like that. For example, the introduction of The Daily Bugle and Logjam Lumberyard in season 1’s chapter 3 essentially flipped the map on its head. Tourists with guns will be drawn to these new spots.

How to win Fortnite Solo

Soloing in Battle Royale might be a challenge, but if you play your cards well, you’ll quickly learn how to outlive your opponents. You don’t have the security of having someone look out for your interests, and you have to handle everything on your own. However, you do have the knowledge that everyone around you is working against you. You may also “third-party” your opponents more easily when they are fighting each other. In this way, you may attack when it’s most advantageous for you.

It’s disputed if Solos is more difficult than team-based modes because each has advantages and disadvantages. It’s wonderful since you won’t have to worry about being outnumbered by a large number of adversaries at once, thus most of your battles will be one-on-one encounters. It’s also liberating to not be concerned about how your teammates are doing.

Preparation is key

The importance of a well-rounded loadout cannot be overstated. The first thing you should do when you get on the planet is to search for unique weaponry that can handle any situation. If you’re confident with a sniper rifle, take one of them as well. Keep a look out for better versions of the weapons you currently own, since they tend to deal more damage when they are rarer.

Additionally, you should always carry healing remedies on hand. Always keep some sort of healing item on hand, whether it’s a medkit, shield potion, or anything else. After a combat, you’re going to receive some damage, so keep your character loaded up on healing goods to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for the next encounter. So make sure to heal at a place that is safe from enemy gunfire when necessary.

In order to be fully prepared, you need stock up on everything from shields to health to healing supplies and deadly weapons.

How to win by playing aggressively

To begin, here are some pointers for beating the swarms of Fortnite gamers that charge in with guns blazing. You can win if you’re an aggressive person, but you’ll have a harder time at beginning.

If you play aggressively, you’re more likely to lose sight of what’s around you as you focus only on your goal of looting and slaughtering as many foes. Snipers will be on their toes if you jump every few seconds while running across the map. Invest in a nice pair of headphones that may provide a fantastic surround sound experience. You’ll want to hear and identify every sound effect, from footsteps to gunshots. Always keep an eye on the storm’s location when discussing direction. If you don’t pay attention, it’s easy to get swept up in the storm. There are both advantages and disadvantages to keeping in the middle of the circle vs sticking to the perimeter of the circle in terms of your journey.

You might take advantage of the fact that many players are afraid to join the circle until the very last second. Players grow increasingly wary as the clock ticks closer to midnight. If you build a strong fort in the middle of the circle, you’ll have an excellent view position, but your enemies will find you. Based on your abilities and confidence in the game, you should choose your position accordingly. If you’re certain that you can handle several adversaries, the centre of the circle may be a good place for you to position yourself.

The most important thing to remember is to constantly keep an eye out for the nearest piece of cover. However good you are, you can easily be outgunned by one or more opponents that have a higher ground advantage. It’s more difficult to be surprised if you’re continually aware of the cover that surrounds you. Without cover, you’ll need to hastily construct barriers around yourself in order to restart the combat. This holds true whether you’re a defensive or offensive player.

The final stretch

When you’re down to the last ten, building a robust tower to keep track of the other players might be helpful. You must, however, perform the task correctly. That involves laying a firm foundation to avoid collapsing to your death in an instant. Set up defences around yourself, then climb ramps, then add additional walls and ramps. Traps can also be used at this time.

Assaulting your fort is much easier if you have some traps set at the base. This will allow you to concentrate on eliminating other players and keeping your throne in the middle of the circle. In order to win, you’ll need a sniper rifle, shotgun, and rocket launcher at this stage. So it doesn’t hurt to have more explosives, such as grenades, in your arsenal.

When you’re inside your fort, you’ll want to switch between your sniper rifle and rocket launchers to take out attackers that aren’t armed. There is no requirement in the end to construct a fort. However, some players may do well without building and that’s perfectly acceptable. The construction method will be mastered by professional players, resulting in more triumphs. Casual matches, on the other hand, can go the entire game without creating a single structure. Conclusion: Building swiftly is something you should do since mastering it will benefit you.

This season, short-range SMGs are your greatest buddy if someone manages to sneak up on you or if you’re in a tight spot. But make sure you have a variety of weaponry at your disposal. For us, an SMG and an assault rifle are frequent weapons towards the end of a match. Snipers are also effective, although they are more difficult to operate and need a great deal of practice before becoming proficient.

How to win by being sneaky

Camping and creeping around are perfectly acceptable methods of exploration. As a player who favours this technique, patience is your biggest advantage. Stay close to the perimeter of the current region as you make your way to the next circle. This strategy differs from that of the aggressive player in that your goal is to keep a safe distance from any activity for as long as feasible.

This entails scouting out unoccupied areas and stockpiling weapons and ammo in preparation for the match’s final showdowns. Take cover in a bush if you hear bullets close and keep an eye on what occurs. Attacking everyone you see in Fortnite is a common misperception among newcomers. Survival, not kills, is the only way to win.

Wait until the area is clean before making your move if there are any other conflicts going on. Many players are in a rush or have an overflowing inventory as the game draws to a close, which can lead to the loss of valuable weaponry. Take full use of the opportunity that presents itself. Drops also fall within this category. At the very least, don’t approach a drop immediately away. Instead, keep an eye on things from afar. Wait till no one turns up, then take the risk.

You’ll want to focus on defence rather than offensive in this style of play. When you know you’ve been spotted, use a port-a-fort or erect a wall. Take a moment to strike each tree and rock you come across during the game if you want to do this. It may sound strange, but if you keep running by things and hitting them, the materials quickly mount up. The tree or rock doesn’t have to be fully obliterated. Doing so, on the other hand, is a surefire way to lose your job. Don’t forget to stock up on supplies in case of an emergency.

The final moments

When the game is down to the wire, you’ll want to hold off on moving to the next circle until the very last second. It’s a good idea to wait until the last possible moment before making your way to safety. If you have the leisure, take the scenic route past mountains and towns. In order to keep tabs on the location of the enemy, you’ll need to move often. Wait until there are just five or fewer individuals left before becoming involved.

As long as there are conflicts, you’ll want to seize the opportunity. During the time when the other players are engaged in combat, choose the individual who appears to be in the lead and sneak up on them or their fort. Don’t hold back until they’ve taken the victory. Using your explosives and SMG, destroy the foundation underneath them.

There is nothing wrong with losing a battle because of a bad bet you made. With just a few precious seconds remaining, utilize them wisely. Either take over a fallen foe’s fort, or sneak up behind your final adversary, if necessary. If you’re in close quarters, the SMG will be your greatest buddy in snagging the Victory Royale. When opponents are fighting one another, you can “third-party” one of them from afar to get an edge. After that, deal with the last foe, who should be in a vulnerable state. Take advantage of a player who has recently engaged in combat with another opponent and is likely to be at low health.


Is it hard to win in Fortnite?

It can be challenging to win a match of Fortnite when playing by yourself. Since Fortnite is a battle royale game, there will be a total of one hundred people competing against each other in an effort to emerge victorious. There are those who believe that the odds of winning a solo game of Fortnite are one in a hundred, but in reality, it is more simpler than it sounds.

Should you hide in Fortnite?

Hiding in Fortnite isn’t exactly a novel concept, but Chapter 3 manages to keep things fresh and exciting nonetheless. You can go about undetected by blending in with the stealth grass, but it won’t fully conceal you. It’s true that some hiding spots in Fortnite are better than others, but if you really want to prove your mettle and master a challenge, you have to blow them up instead of taking cover there.

Who has the most kills on Fortnite?

The Fortnite Tracker suggests that a player going by the name Ranger currently holds the record for the maximum amount of solo kills across all platforms combined. The gamer is located in Canada and broadcasts their gameplay frequently on Twitch. An astonishing 118 solo kills have been achieved by the gamer in a single match.

What does W keying mean?

The “W” button on the keyboard is what is meant when we talk about the “W-key.” However, within the context of the Fortnite community, “w-keying” refers to the practise of playing in a very aggressive manner without retreating. In other words, exerting continuous pressure on whomever you come across in the lobby of the battle royale game until you are successful in eliminating them.

Where is the best hiding spot in Fortnite?

Recently, a Fortnite streamer and player going by the moniker Kobes Shorts on YouTube disclosed a hiding area in the general vicinity of Covert Cavern that is really close to being ideal. The rumoured hiding spot is at the very top of a mountain to the right of the main entrance. A few radio towers and a sizable underground pit with a platform on top can be found on the summit of the mountain.


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