Work for Google
Work for Google

Google online jobs are the easiest ways to make money at home and work on your selected hours.

You don’t to be a highly qualified individual or have special skills to apply for Google jobs. In other words, you don’t have to apply for a job at Google.

If you talk about why I am sure that you can make millions with Google online jobs then I must answer this question and the answer is:

This is why I can freely recommend you to know about Google jobs and start your own career today that answers your daily questions like how to work online for google and get paid without any investment or how to make money using Google without paying a single penny.

Top 4 Ways to Make Money with Google

When I talk about earning money with Google, it’s not about Google is hiring you. It’s about their great platforms which are free to join and everybody can join them without any cost.

Currently, there are 4 best ways to pocket some dollars using Google:

  • Google Adsense: A publisher advertising platform
  • YouTube: A video sharing website
  • Google Opinion Rewards: A survey collecting website

I know you are aware of these great services and know how they work. If you don’t know then just type their names in Google search and a little graph will tell you everything related to these great and free services being provided by Google Inc (an alphabet parent company).

So now read how you can start making money using these four Google service:

1. Google Adsense

One of the easiest and trusted ways to earn money online and be a part of Google.

Yes, when you use Google adsense you become a partner of Google for showing their ads on your website or blog you get a 68% share from the total earnings.

Most of the online workers and even big companies like Mashable and TheNewYorkTimes are using this network to monetize their traffic make huge money.

I am also using it to generate revenue from blogs and its amazing.

If you ask me how to use Google adsense or how to get approval from Adsense then here are the exact steps which you can take to start making money with Adsense for free:

  1. Go to (a free blogging platform from Google) and create your free blog
  2. Start posting about your favorite topics and share that blog posts with your friends
  3. Keep on doing it for at least 6 months and after you start getting some traffic on your blog go ahead and apply for Google adsense
  4. You can go to for applying and make sure you have a good looking blog and have pages like a disclaimer, about us, contact us and privacy policy for easy approval
  5. After getting approved by Google Adsense, copy and paste the ad-codes on your blog
  6. It will start showing ads on your blog

Now whenever someone visits your blog and clicks on any of the Google Adsense ads you will get paid for each click and also for 1k impressions separately.

After earning some dollars you will have to verify your address and Google will send you a pin to your postal address and after that verification, you will be able to withdraw your earnings in the bank or whatever you like from check, western-union, and eft.

Now when you get paid, buy a custom domain and start posting on a daily basis and also invest some time and money on promoting your blog for getting more traffic so that you will start earning more money. You can even create more blogs by using an affordable website building software and scale your blogging business.

2. YouTube

This is another great platform owned by Google and its free too.

You don’t have to be a professional video maker or something like that to make money on YouTube, you can start uploading your daily vlogs and post anything in a video format (don’t forget to follow general video guidelines).

Your videos should be engaging and interesting so that you will get subscribers and views. You can start uploading videos in categories like how-tos, daily life, hacks, entertainment and whatever you think you are passionate about.

There’s no limit for uploading videos on YouTube and after hitting 1000 subscribers and more than this video-views you will be able to apply for YouTube partner program.

After getting approved by partner program you can start showing ads on your videos and that’s when your YouTube earnings will start rolling in your pocket.

You can start a YouTube channel for free and there are other ways to make money on YouTube and some of them are:

  • Showing Google Adsense Ads
  • Uploading Videos with Paid Promotions
  • Uploading Product Reviews and Adding Affiliated Links

So on YouTube, there’s no limit for ways to make money. If you think that this Google online job is great then join YouTube now and start your career for free.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Well, I don’t recommend you to join this platform for earning hundreds or thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

As this network is not going to make you rich and it pays in pennies or some dollars and also it’s not effective as above two. You can’t control this network as much as you can do with Adsense and YouTube.

However, it’s still an option for people who wants to work on a part-time basis and want to use only a trusted platform.

Google opinion rewards is basically a paid to survey network and give you commissions on completing surveys or you can say submitting forms with accurate details.

You can start using this network by installing the app of this Google service using your Android or iOS device and its totally free.

4. Google Careers

After all, all of the above three jobs are not exclusive to you, as everybody has access to those three programs and can start working with Google in a virtual way.

Here I am going to share with you a link from where you can access the job openings page of Google and let’s apply for a physical job at Google offices.

Just go to and search for your favorite job, you can also use filters to easily find a job at Google.

On this Google Careers platform, you will be able to find jobs by your location, skills, and degree and also by job types like:

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Temporary
  • Intern

And not just this, you are also able to search job openings at Alphabet (Google’s parent company) by its Organizations like:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Google Fiber 

So, now use this Google job search tool and find the job you need at Google’s office. You can thank me later.


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