HTML Beautifier - dirtyMarkup
HTML Beautifier - dirtyMarkup

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2009, dirtyMarkup has been helping programmers and developers by reorganizing and cleaning up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Over the course of roughly 9 years, dirtyMarkup has been accessed over 5 million times by website visitors and API calls alike. This has made it one of the most prolific online code beautifiers in history. Crafted by Cory LaViska, this tool has now made its way onto the 10 Best Design Tools page.

dirtyMarkup is a simple to use application which allows users to submit both full pages of code or code fragments to generate perfectly formatted HTML. This icludes tag re-ordering, tab indents, and additional options which make it easy for developers to pick up where they previously left off. Beyond HTML, dirtyMarkup is also a CSS beautifier, which means a programmer’s stylesheets can be understood through standardization of code. Though dirtyMarkup has plans to aid developers working with other languages shortly, it has already become known for its ability to help those working to prettify JavaScript.

To assist those working on more complex applications, dirtyMarkup has also released an API. This means that any software or website which has ongoing code beautifying needs can access the dirtyMarkup tool programmatically, thereby automatically writing clean code every step of the way.

dirtyMarkup is 100% free for both its website visitors and API applications, meaning developers are encouraged to use it ad infinitum.

10 Best Design is an online industry magazine which has grown to become the premier destination for those interested in traditional and digital design. It is a web-based hub including podcasts, a plethora of articles, guides, and website awards. With the addition of tools like dirtyMarkup and Color Palette Generator, an application with the ability to create a color schema from any image or artwork, 10 Best Design is rapidly working to become an engine for finding useful tools in this field.


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