I Don’t Know What I Want For Christmas (25 Gift Ideas) 


The year has gone by so quickly.

Before you know it, it will be the holiday season once again.

While it may still be a little early to put up the Christmas tree, it is never too early to consider what you want for Christmas.

Some family members like to start shopping extra early, so you may need to find an answer to give to all of your loved ones who ask.

I Don’t Know What I Want For Christmas

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what you want for Christmas.

It can be uncomfortable asking people for the things you want and need.

Just remember that your loved ones are asking because it would make them happy to make your Christmas special.

There is a vast range of gifts that are easy for people to find but they can be personal or even useful.

Depending on your interests and your style, you can always find some answers to the popular seasonal question.

Here are 25 gift ideas.

1. Posters

Posters are incredibly easy gifts for your loved ones to find.

You can go to most grocery stores and find a small selection of them.

They can also check places such as Hot Topic or FYE for posters.

They’ll have a wider selection than your local Meijer or Target.

Unframed posters are also affordable gifts.

This is one of the best answers you can give your friend or loved one who you know may not have much money to spend on gifts.

If you’re looking for a way to make a poster look more sophisticated, you can put it in a nice frame.

The coolest posters to have hanging on your wall are vintage posters.

Those who are willing to do a little digging will find that vintage posters are not hard to find.

Even if their condition isn’t the greatest, the aged look can give the poster character.

2. Mugs And Tea Kettles

The holiday season can be chilly depending on where you live.

There’s nothing better than coming in from the cold and having a warming cup of hot chocolate.

The way the mug warms up your hands and the drink warms you from the inside is a gift.

While many people may make hot chocolate in their microwave, that is a hassle compared to making hot chocolate or tea with a tea kettle.

The classic teapot looks cute and quaint in your kitchen, but an electric kettle is one of the most effective tea makers you can find.

Mugs make for affordable gifts on their own or can be paired with a tea kettle.

Pair a mug with a steel tea ball infuser.

They can be found online for a little more than a dollar and are incredibly useful for tea drinkers.

3. Animation Celluloid

For those who are fans of animation, you should consider asking for an animation celluloid from your favorite show.

Animation cels are used for hand-drawn animations and are what’s used to help make a character move.

Animation is traditionally done by using multiple layers of art to create a whole scene, with the moving parts typically being a top layer with a translucent background.

When you get an animation cell, it will normally only have the characters from the show on it.

Some of the easiest animation cels to find are from Saturday morning characters, such as Dennis the Menace, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, or G.I. Joe. 

Any animation celluloid from a Disney production is going to be expensive.

4. Streaming Membership

Streaming services are the gift that keeps on giving.

Sometimes, you may not have the budget to be paying for multiple streaming services at once.

Specialty streaming services such as CrunchyRoll or ESPN Sports are great subscriptions to ask for.

You can even share the gift of your subscription with the person who gave it to you.

You can watch movies together or simply give them the password to your account.

If the person you ask for a streaming subscription from already has the service, they may be able to just make you an account on their subscription plan.

That makes it an affordable gift as well.

5. Furniture

Furniture is a hassle to purchase on your own unless interior design is a hobby of yours.

Asking for furniture that you need is an especially useful gift for college students and young adults who have moved out on their own for the first time.

Furniture isn’t just chairs, coffee tables, or couches.

You can ask for things like a shoe rack, coat hanger, or some form of storage.

When you move out on your own, you often realize how much different furniture your family had and how much of it you now lack.

You can also ask for outdoor furniture if you have a place to put it.

Things like lawn chairs and benches are a great way to make your outdoor area more inviting and appealing.

6. Park Passes

Some people would much rather have experiences than just more things.

That’s why park passes are the perfect present for adventurers.

They can be for natural parks or even theme parks.

Theme park passes are great gifts for thrill-seekers.

It gives them the excuse to go have some fun for the day or however long they decide to stay.

Park passes for your local natural parks are the gift that benefits not only the receiver of the gift but to the park itself.

The people who run your local parks rely on the admission fees that you pay to keep the park clean and pay their employees.

Some of the money made from admission fees and park passes goes towards helping the wildlife that lives within the park.

Having a park pass also gives you a reason to go outside and disconnect from the rest of the world.

7. Pet Accessories

Most pet owners agree that buying a gift for their pet is just as good as buying a gift for the owner.

Dogs and cats are constantly going through toys and other accessories, so having a steady supply of backups saves the owner some money.

There are other pet accessories like poop scoops and specialized nail clippers that can help the owner take care of their pet.

New grooming tools are always welcomed by those who have furry family members and cleaning gadgets can be amazing, as long as they actually work.

Receiving clothes for a pet may not make them particularly happy, but it definitely is a delight for the owners.

Some animals actually like to wear shirts, hats, bowties, bandanas, and even sunglasses.

8. Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes, such as Converse, can serve as one of the most versatile wardrobe statements.

If you’re uncertain of what color or pattern you want, you can always ask for black or white.

Those go with any style and any outfit.

Off-brand shoes that are similar to Converse are super affordable and easily personalized.

Artist friends or relatives will be able to paint these shoes and customize them to your style.

When your shoes are customized, you never have to worry about someone wearing the same shoes as you.

Your resident artist would probably be excited to get such a request and would have a great time customizing your gift for you.

Then, you’ll make them even happier by wearing their design in public.

9. Art Supplies

Artists know that they can always ask for art supplies.

It’s easy to go through a tube of paint or a stack of canvases.

Many artists go through sketchbooks like toilet paper.

Art supplies are the gift that allows artists to keep on creating and practicing their art.

Colored pencils are easy gifts for your loved ones to find and afford.

If there is a brand of supplies that you prefer, let the person know.

Having an exact brand in mind may help the person find what you’re asking for if they go to a craft store.

Art accessories like an easel, digital sketchpad, or digital art services like ProCreateare all great gift ideas that will allow you to better do what you enjoy doing.

Don’t forget that you can ask for small supplies like pencil sharpeners or a paint palette.

10. Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to add a little bling to your outfit.

There are so many different types of jewelry to choose from, ranging in style, material, and cost.

A piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive in order to look good.

Depending on your age and what your loved ones allow, you can always ask for a piercing appointment.

A more subtle piercing would be your lobe and upper lobe piercing.

Most people with their ears pierced have their lobe pierced, but it is not uncommon to see someone with both their lobe and upper lobe pierced.

11. Charity Merchandise

Those who are looking for a gift idea that gives back may want to consider asking for merchandise from charities and organizations that you hold dear.

You get a cool gift that helps spread awareness for a charity, and the charity gets more money to achieve its mission.

For animal lovers, you can always go with clothing from an animal rescue.

People who are fans of a certain breed of dog, cat, rabbit, or horse may want a hoodie or shirt from a rescue that specializes in that particular breed.

People who openly struggle with mental health problems probably have a favorite organization that helps people with mental health.

The gift of supporting a group that is trying to better the lives of those with mental illnesses is the best part of it all.

12. Store Membership

Asking for a membership to an exclusive store like Sam’s Club or Costco is one of the best gift ideas a young adult or college student can have.

You will save so much money and have to grocery shop less often because of the deals and package sizes that these stores offer.

The convenience that these store memberships offer cannot compare to any trinket you may receive on Christmas day.

Most subscriptions last for the whole year, so it keeps on giving even after Christmas.

13. Vintage Books

There’s something magical about opening up a book that has yellowed from the years, has slightly bent corners where many previous readers have turned the pages, and looks like it belongs in a museum or the house of a mage.

Vintage books are such cool gifts for those who like to read.

An entire shelf of old, interesting books makes for excellent decor.

The key to finding the perfect vintage book is to find the ones with the oddest titles.

Those who are well-read are less likely to have already read books that came well before their years of reading.

14. Patches And Pins

Patches and pins are other affordable gifts that can be personalized to whoever is receiving them.

You ask for patches and pins of different subject matter, styles, or even colors.

There are patches for just about every band, television show, and movie.

Patch and pin sets will come with matching patches and pins to put on your jackets, hoodies, and backpacks.

You can even ask for patches from less well-known artists.

Pins and patches are an excellent way to make your clothes and accessories more unique and tailored to you.

They’re the perfect gift to ask for if you have a younger sibling who asks you what you want.

15. Sport Equipment

Longtime athletes know that it takes a long time to collect all the equipment you may need to play your support or work out at home.

By asking for whatever equipment you may need when your loved ones ask, you can help speed up the process.

Dumbbells and other weightlifting equipment are a great gift to ask for, as long as the person who is buying it can safely carry it.

Equipment such as helmets, guards, bats, sticks, or other sport-specific items are useful gifts that often need replacing during games, so it is best to have backups.

16. Musical Instrument

Musicians will always be grateful for another instrument to add to their collection.

Even if they already have one version of an instrument, there’s always another version out there that they don’t have.

For those who are looking to learn an instrument, you may want to ask for a ukulele, kalimba, or small xylophone to start your musical career.

These instruments can teach you the building blocks of music without being too overwhelming.

Those who are looking for a little more of a challenge may want to try learning the electric bass or mandolin.

They’re easier instruments to teach yourself, but mastering them takes a long time.

17. Private Lessons

Private lessons grant you the gift of knowledge and skill, which you can’t put a price tag on.

They can help you master an instrument that you’ve been trying to learn on your own or you can learn how to do something completely new, like scuba diving.

Private lessons are the best way to learn a new language, which is a skill that you can turn into a career.

Any gift that has the potential to make the money that was spent back is an excellent gift.

Knowledge is one of the best gifts you can receive.

18. Show Tickets

Tickets to see your favorite live act can be expensive to get on your own, but you can always ask for the tickets or ask for money from multiple people for the tickets for Christmas.

Live shows are experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

You never know how long you’ll be able to see your favorite entertainers live, whether they retire or pass away.

Once the opportunity to go see a show is gone, you’ll regret not going every time you think about it.

19. Subscription Box

There is a subscription box for every type of person.

You find subscription boxes that send you food, accessories, clothing, or even records.

Subscription boxes are a wonderful way to cheer someone up throughout the year.

Some of the most common subscription boxes are based on food.

Some of them offer snacks and candies from around the world and others may send you meals or produce.

There are even wine subscription boxes.

20. Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas are adorable gifts for families, couples, and even those with pets.

You can find them online or even in-store.

They’re the comfortable and adorable gifts that make for some of the greatest holiday photos.

Online, you can find matching pajamas for the entire household that can be customized with a pet’s face or even a fellow family member.

Just be prepared to take plenty of adorable photos with whoever you match with.

21. Perfume Or Cologne

Perfume and cologne are safe choices for gift ideas.

You can get a bottle of fragrance and it won’t be finished until next Christmas.

It is a self-care product that everyone should keep on them, especially if they get hot easily.

If you aren’t sure what perfume or cologne brand to ask for, give ideas of what kind of smells you like and dislike.

Some people prefer floral smells, while others may enjoy more tropical smells.

Smelling good is a gift for you and those around you.

22. Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are small, handheld accessories that are used by people who need to constantly move their hands.

If you are someone who will constantly mess with your jewelry or button and unbutton a latch while doing other things, fidget toys are going to help you so much.

Fidget toys also include different types of jewelry.

There’s chewable jewelry, for those who are prone to biting the ends of their sleeves or shirts.

Fidget jewelry is for people who mess with their jewelry and comes in bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

23. Gaming Console

Gaming has become a popular hobby over the past number of years.

During the beginning of the pandemic, Nintendo couldn’t keep their console, the Switch, on shelves. More people have gotten into gaming over the past year than ever.

Those who are looking to expand their collection may want to consider getting one of the PlayStations or Xboxes.

Don’t be afraid to get an older gaming console.

There are amazing games all through gaming history.

24. Wallet

Although a wallet may not be the most exciting gift, a good wallet will last decades.

Leather wallets will last you the longest, especially if they’re made by Shinola.

A Shinola wallet is an expensive wallet to get, but you won’t need another one for a long time.

You end up spending more on cheap wallets through the year than you would getting a more expensive wallet that is made with higher quality materials.

Buying your wallet from a local leatherworker also allows you to support a small business.

25. Band Merchandise

Wearing merchandise from your favorite band can help you support them and potentially meet other fans in public.

Many bands have more than just clothing for merchandise.

Musicians have gotten more creative with their merchandise lines.

Some bands have skateboards, cooking utensils, books, or even banners to choose from.

Buying merchandise from smaller bands helps them continue to do what they do and helps give them more exposure.


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