The joy of pregnancy begins when you receive that + sign on your pregnancy test, or when you get the news from your doctor that your life is about to change. Of course, this is from a female perspective, but men also feel the changes of life creation, which usually come from the expecting mother to be. From that moment on, the happiness that comes from bringing a little life into the world begins its journey. Long before the birth though, the baby obviously goes through many stages of growth. He or she changes from looking like an embryo to looking more human. Our curiosity as pending parents always gets the best of us, and we want to see our baby long before the birth date. This ultrasound device can help with that.

Doctors use ultrasounds to ensure the health of the baby is up to par, and to be sure his or her development is carrying on smoothly. Ultrasounds have made it possible for parents not only to see their baby’s growth, but also to receive reassurance that their baby is doing well. Ultrasounds also make it possible to hear that the baby’s heartbeat is strong.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you no longer had to wait for a doctor’s appointment to see your pending bundle of joy? A concept design ultrasound device, known as iBaby (created by Jung Jun Hwang and Phillips), has the potential of allowing you to see your baby right from your smartphone. The iBaby ultrasound device connects to your iPhone, and within seconds, you would be able to see your unborn baby on your smartphone. You would also have the ability to instantly share the images via Wi-Fi with your friends and family (grandparents will love this idea).

There is no need to be concerned about not having a doctor present either, since the information from this ultrasound device is sent to your doctor from your smartphone. You doctor can then observe the ultrasound results, and provide you with updates without your having to leave the comfort of your home. The iBaby also doubles as a printer, so you can print your growing baby’s developments and put the images on your fridge or in a scrapbook. And once the baby arrives, the iBaby can become your baby monitor.

This 3-in-1 ultrasound device makes one of your most intimate moments even more so by keeping you out of a sickly doctor’s office, detaching you from the cold utensils used to see the baby, and preventing you from having to travel outside your home (which of course depends on which trimester you are in). It also amplifies easy access to images of your baby and puts the emphasis more on sharing the happiness that comes with having a baby.


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