India Ann Sushil Sood, All Things About Her


If you listen to pop, adult contemporary, or rock music, you might have heard or had one of her songs in your collection. India Ann Sushil Sood, ladies, and gentlemen. She is famously known for her mezzo-soprano vocal range and emotional ballads that will leave you wanting more. And at only 19, she has managed to make her presence felt in the music industry.

Personal life

The Canadian singer-songwriter was born on April 6th,2002, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her parents are famous musicians, with her father Ashwin Sood being of English and Indian descent while her mother Sarah McLachlan being of Scottish descent. A foot in many cultures, dare I say. Her maternal grandparents are Jack and Dorice McLachlan. She also has a younger sister named Taja Summer Sood.

She was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome while still young, but this didn’t deter her from finding and pursuing her dreams. Music became her outlet. At age four, little India Ann Sushil Sood began taking piano lessons fostering her passion for music. She cultivated her niche around her powerful vocals and is proficient with musical instruments like the piano, banjo, ukulele, keyboards, harp, and guitar. If that doesn’t spell potential to take over the music industry by storm, I don’t know what does.


India Sood’s musical journey on the big screens began in 2016 when she released her debut single “Closer.” The hit single received critical acclaim, which led to her being signed by Universal Music Canada. She also released a single titled “I’ll Be Okay” the same year as part of her debut album. The song went viral and garnered over one million views on YouTube alone. This ushered her into the limelight. She was later featured on several top-ranking Canadian radio stations and TV shows.

Her self-titled debut album is titled “This Place Called Home” and officially terminated in 2017. The EP included singles like “Mercy,” “Line by Line,” and “The Cure.”

Her second studio album was released in 2019 and features singles like “Ghost’ and “Hurricane,” among others.

India Ann Sushil Sood also embarked on her first-ever headlining tour in 2019. This marked a significant step in her musical career as she got to meet and perform live for her fans.

Awards and Nominations

Her debut, Extended Play (EP), which terminated in 2017, received critical acclaim. This led to India Ann Sushil Sood being nominated for two Juno Awards. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that she won the Judo Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

India Sood has also been nominated for the Grammy Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, and the MTV Video Music Awards.

Over To you

When I hear the word fireball, little India Ann Sushil Sood comes to mind. She has managed to overcome everything the universe threw at her to make a name for herself in the music industry. And with her passion for music coupled with impeccable talent, she’s a force to be reckoned with and someone to look out for.


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