Baja California in Mexico or the USA
Baja California in Mexico or the USA

I’ve been asked this question more than many others in regard to geographical location. Is Baja California in Mexico or the United States? Well? Since we have grabbed your attention and looped you in here, let’s have a look at all the essential details you need to know while travelling in Baja California. And most importantly: where it is.

Here, we will offer an overview of Baja California and a glimpse at six things that you can do while travelling to this beautiful destination…

Baja California: An Overview of its History, Facts, and Location

Extending over 55,000 square miles, Baja California is a location that can conquer the hearts of every traveller. Most of you might be wondering if Baja California is in Mexico or the USA. So, before we move forward, let’s clarify this doubt.

Geographically, Baja California borders California and Arizona, which means it is close to the US border. However, it is a Mexican state when you consider its location politically.

Historically, Indians have resided in Baja California for several centuries. But, it was only in 1533 that the Spaniards moved to Baja California. During that time, there were around 70,000 Indians in this location. The primitive culture was also prevalent then as per Britannica

As of now, Baja California is a location with contrasting scenic beauty with 2,038 miles of coastline. You can travel in Baja California with ease using public transportation or by renting a vehicle, which you can drive around.

Things to Do When You Travel in Baja California

While you are in this fascinating destination in Mexico, you have countless things to do and several places to explore. From tasting the local cuisine to immersing yourself in nature, Baja California is a dream destination.

Since there are a lot of places to scribble down in your travel bucket list, here are six things that you can give a try while in Baja California.

Visit the Spectacular Marine Geyser in La Bufadora

La Bufadora offers a panoramic view, where you can watch and listen to thunderous water sprouts. Located in the south of Ensenada, this destination has the second-largest blowholes in America.

You can get to La Bufadora with ease as you drive through the Bahia de Todos Santos. Here, you can watch water gushing out every minute, and it can reach even to a height of 100 feet above sea level.

While you are having a wonderful time enjoying this natural beauty, you can listen to the legend of its origin from your travel guide. There are different variations of the narrative.

But, the famous one is about a baby whale spewing water for eternity from the cave. The baby whale got separated from its family and converted into a stone. Other than that, you can go souvenir shopping and even spot whales from a distance.

Go Snorkeling in Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo, considered a treasure trove, is a perfect location to visit while travelling in Baja California. With over 244 Sea of Cortez Islands, you can escape from the crowded beaches here.

Snorkelling and kayaking are two activities that you can enjoy when you are on this beautiful island. Here, you can swim in the turquoise blue water and even meet sea lions.

While you are on this trip, you can also view the mesmerising landmarks and marine life. Your tour guide will walk you through these details while you are travelling. Considered La Paz‘s gem, you can have a fun day in Espiritu Santo as you snorkel in the protected waters of UNESCO.Have a Fun Day in Balandra Beach

Those asking “is Baja California in Mexico” would quickly realise here. at one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico; Balandra Beach. It is a location that can brighten up your day with its turquoise blue water and white dunes.

Located 25 km from La Paz, you can drive or take a cab to this location. Here, you can engage in several activities ranging from kayaking to paddleboarding, especially during the daytime.

While you are at Balandra Beach, don’t forget to explore the glassy waters on a stand-up paddleboard. You can also have a peaceful time in the mangrove forests and spot several fish, including triggerfish.

Go on a Hike at the Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martin

With over 140 plant species and diverse fauna, the Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martin is a breathtaking destination. It has an ever-changing ethereal desert landscape that can grab your attention to the fullest.

Besides, it is the highest peak in Baja, which has conifers and pines. Here, you can also spot a variety of animals ranging from bobcats to bighorns.

The Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martin is also one of the few places where you can see the endangered California Condors. While you go on a hike, you can stay back and have a mesmerising night with stars.

You can even book a stay in a small cottage or be adventurous and rent one of the campsites. So, why not add this destination to your bucket list?

Explore the Wineries in Valle de Guadalupe

Producing over 90% of the wine in America, Valle de Guadalupe is a location to take your taste buds on a ride. Here, you can taste different varieties of wine while you enjoy a gorgeous view.

There are several restaurants where you can have local delicacies as you sip your favourite drink. It is also a cost-effective location for wine tasting when compared to Napa or Temecula.

As per Trip Advisor, Monte Xanu, La Celto, Casa Masgoni, and Xecue Vinicola are some wineries worth visiting in Valle de Guadalupe.

Go Whale Watching in the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon

The Ojo de Liebre Lagoon is one of the finest whale breeding sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here, you can stay away from the noise and heat of city life and be one with the scenic beauty. You can sit back and have a relaxing time in this calm destination.

Even though you can’t go swimming, you can take part in a variety of other activities. While in the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, don’t forget to go for Palapa Style Camping and taste the flavours of local cuisines.

So, Is Baja California in Mexico or the USA? This incredible state is quintessentially Mexican, regardless of its location near to the US. Magical beaches, turquoise waters, delicious and diverse cuisine and so much to see.


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