Is It Possible To Download Movies That Were Bought On YouTube?


According to statistics, YouTube has around two billion active users worldwide, and right after Facebook and Instagram (related: best place to buy Instagram followers), it is the second most popular social media platform in the world. In terms of video-sharing social media platform, it ranks number one.

It stands to reason. Every type of viewer should be able to find something for themselves on YouTube, as it offers access to a variety of content sorts, and its creators, aka Youtubers. From political commentators, through travel video makers, to beauty bloggers – all can be found on YouTube. The platform is easy to use, intuitive, and user-centered. While most of the active users are the holders of Google Account, there still are people who watch videos on YouTube without using them. In other words, YouTube outreach is enormous. 

Since 2005, when the first video was uploaded, YouTube continually proves to be an ideal platform for entertainment, learning and interacting with other users and content creators. 

It keeps improving by changing the interface and adding new features. Without a doubt, the platform can be called the greatest when it comes to movie streaming, like f movies, and watching online. 

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Can you download movies you buy on YouTube ?

How about offline? Is it possible to download videos from YouTube to watch without an internet connection, especially the ones that you have paid for? YouTube nowadays works a little like a video rental shop. It has a library of movies to rent or buy, and it requires you to pay a fee before you can access them. Taking that into account, it would be best if you could download the movie after watching it. After all, you have paid for it. Unluckily, those are meant for streaming only. It means you can watch it for a certain period of time, if rented or always, if bought, but only online. You cannot download purchased youtube videos to watch offline. You can save Youtube movies with NotMP3 downloader.

The good news however, is that most of the free videos on YouTube can be downloaded. And it is surprisingly easy to do so. Read on to get to know how. 

YouTube Premium

The fastest way of getting offline access to YouTube videos is by owning a YouTube Premium account. After a free month trial period, the subscription to YouTube premium costs only $11.99. It is safe to say that it is worth the price as it offers many features. With the premium subscription, a user can see ad-free videos, get access to YouTube original shows, can listen to the music “in the background” (this one concerns the app solely), and download music and videos. The latter one is of your particular interest.

Downloading movies on a premium subscription complies with the platform’s Terms of Service, which is the only 100% legal way to do it. However, you can only download the videos via the app, not the website. 

Should you already own a premium account, to download the movies, tap on a downward-pointing arrow under the video on the YouTube app. Later, offline, you go to a special playlist of “saved videos,” to enjoy the movie or music you have downloaded earlier. 

Third-party sites to download movies on the computer

Some free online video converters like VideoProc Converter or YouTube playlist downloaders, such as Bit Downloader, allow you to download the movies. They are simple to use and work best if you are using a laptop. All you need to do is copy-paste the link from the YouTube video to the downloading website and choose the format you wish to convert it to. The movie will be changed into various audio and video files. Then it becomes a downloadable file. You can easily store it on your computer, and watch all the movies offline, anytime, anywhere.  

Third-party sites to download movies on the mobile device

If you wish to download YouTube videos on a mobile device, TubeMate or Documents are useful apps to start. The first one is designed to work on an Android system, the latter on the iOs system. 

TubeMate is almost as easy to use as YouTube Premium. Once you choose the video you need to download, tap on a red button, select the format you want to convert the movie into, download the file, and voila! 

Documents is an all file management app; thus, it is a little more advanced and requires a moment to learn it. Spare a second and read some guides on how to use Documents by Readdle and get the app’s grasp in no time. It is worth a try. 


There is no need to worry if you want to download a free video from YouTube to watch. There are numerous options to do so from the YouTube Premium app to third-party websites that will convert the video into a downloadable file. If you decide for the second solution, choose the site based on your preferences concerning laptops, mobile devices, and the operating systems you are using. When downloading a free YouTube video, you have to be online, but later on, you can enjoy the music and movies wherever you wish, without an internet connection.


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