Is a safe and legit site to make money from Fortnite? 


With Fortnite bringing a comfortable lifestyle to competitive players like Ninja and Bugha, the thought of making money playing the battle royale can be tempting. Since the game’s launch, several third-party websites and apps have tapped into the market of unofficial Fortnite tournaments, allowing players to compete for cash prizes in free-entry lobbies. is one of the most debated, but is it as safe as it looks? 

As it stands, players 18+ can legitimately win by playing in’s scrims and tournament lobbies – but there are a few things players should be warned about. Firstly, many of its users have claimed to have seen large numbers of scammers and those using unauthorized tools to win games. Competitors can report others directly to the service, but it raises suspicions about how fair some games are. 

Additionally, the site is not endorsed by or affiliated with developer Epic Games. As such, any issues that may arise during competitions are out of Epic’s hands. 

Despite this,’s competitive format appears to meet Fortnite’s Terms of Service. This is because the site only allows promoters to offer tournaments that include cash prizes that must be deposited on the site prior to the start of an event. However, this was not always the case. used to have so-called “betting matches”, lobbies where players placed money bets themselves before the start of each game. Not only does this bet violate Fortnite’s Terms of Service, but it also allegedly resulted in professional gamers and YouTuber Clix getting one direct message by Epic warning him of a ban if he does it again. 

In response to Epic’s warning, REMOVED the opportunity to participate in competitions in April 2021. However, it’s important to note that players who participate are putting their Epic accounts at great risk if the feature is added back in the future. 


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