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Colleen Hoover’s amazing romance novel It’s Ends With Usis is being turned into a film! We are beyond thrilled about this romantic tale being made into a film. It is considered to be one of the most potent novels to come out in the year 2016 Hoover’s novel is slated to become a highly-acclaimed film.

What should you be aware of about the novel and the upcoming adaptation? From the history of the author’s life until the release of the film adaptation We’ll provide all the information we’ve uncovered to date. Be assured that we have everything covered.

Who is Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover is an Texan author whose primary concentration is on romance, although she’s been a bit involved in the world of YA literature too. Her first novel, which she self-published, was, Slammed, in the beginning of 2012. Then, at the end of 2012, Hoover published Hopeless and it made the New York Times bestseller list!

Since then, she’s found her way to writing success and has published more than twenty books that have been purchased by major publishers. Websites such as PaperHelp have proven extremely useful to those who wish to follow in her footsteps. She has also launched her own ventures such as the Bookworm Box, a novel subscription service that’s profits go to charitable causes.

We’ll then discuss the novel It’s Over With Us..

About It Ends With Us

It’s Ending With Uswas released in the year 2016. She claimed that she wrote on their relationship and that it was “the most difficult book I’ve ever written. . . In this instance, I approached a sensitive topic from a perspective that isn’t often taken. There were times that I wanted to alter the narrative as I didn’t want lead the characters to places I wasn’t planning to take them however, I knew that I had to.”

The novel is described as it’s a “standalone contemporary romance novel” about Lily an entrepreneur with a small company owner who is the target to neurosurgeon Ryle. Ryle isn’t one to be in a relationship, and even has the “no dating” rule. But Ryle and Lily meet each other, the more close they become, and Lily discovers she can break the barriers he has set.

Then Lily’s love of her life, Atlas, reappears, and then, the whole thing Lily created with Ryle is beginning to unravel. What happens to whom, and where do things play out? It’s up to you to read, “unforgettable tale of love that comes at the ultimate price,” to discover the answers.

The book received very favorable reviews from critics and readers generally loved the book. Some critics wrote that the subject of abuse is not addressed well throughout the novel while others said that the main character appeared appear to be a bit superficial. In spite of these criticisms the story was well-loved and garnered a lot of fans. Goodreads even rated it as the top romance of 2016!

What’s next for the book It’s Over with Us? What do you feel about a film?

The film’s adaptation and the latest updates

In the middle of 2019, Justin Baldoni made an announcement via Instagram that he would be adapting his novel It Ended With Usinto the form of a film by his own company Wayfarer Entertainment. The following was the information he posted:

“So happy to collaborate with the amazing @colleenhoover on bringing #ItEndsWithU to large screens!! I’m so enthralled by the book and so honored that she picked me to make it available to everyone. Thank you so much to my lovely book agent @jcastillobooks who helped connect to us!” He also included a trigger warning for domestic violence/toxic relationships”.

Baldoni is most likely best known for his work as an actor in Jane the Virgin in the role of the role of Rafael Solano, but he’s explored other areas too. His directing credits include five Feet ApartClouds as well as via Wayfarer Entertainment, he helped develop Man Enough, a talk program. “Man Enough.

Following his public announcement about the It’s Over With Usfilm adaptation, there was almost no response (aside from Baldoni tweeting “Who would you like me to be playing for the movie? ]?”) until ] September 2020. The original plan was to direct the film by himself, however, he later said “I realized this is a much more important project for a woman to direct,” and decided to hire an actress to direct.

In October of 2021, we were greeted with big news. He took to social networks to announce more information and this time, via TikTok and he shared that the screenplay’s first draft was completed! The film will soon move from pre-production to production and we’re excited to see how it develops.


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