UFC Welterweight Division Colby Covington is all to bury Jorge Masvidal with the latter’s past, even if it means unraveling Masvidal’s supposed ex-wife, Maritza Masvidal. Masvidal and Covington will face each other at UFC 272 when their story went downhill and became perhaps the worst rivalry in UFC history. Both fighters fought one last time in their respective second title match against the defending UFC Welterweight champion. Kamaru Usman.

Masvidal is a fierce indie boxer with the creative ability to outwit his opponents with a cool knockdown while Covington is a grappling heavyweight striker who has stealthy and continuous punches. to land, with a threat of a scoring knock in hand. Masvidal and Covington were best friends and teammates for 8 years when things took a turn for the worse and both fighters began to brutally vilify each other on a personal level.

Colby Covington claims Jorge Masvidal is still married to Maritza Masvidal

In an interview with ESPN MMA Reporter Brett OkamotoCovington talks everything from his side about how things have changed for Masvidal from being best friends to bitterest rival.

“He has been creating fake stories and fake news all week,” Covington said “None of these journalists do their jobs, they talk about how I lived on his couch… No man, I don’t live on his couch, I live on her couch and I’m talking about his ex-wife, mother of his children, Maritza, Maritza Colado, Maritza Masvidal , they are still legally married… Just ask him ‘why are you trying to delete Martiza from history, why are you deleting her and deleting her from the internet.’

She did so much for us… he’s a failed boxer, he’s a loser, he doesn’t have any sponsors, He didn’t tell you the big money fights at the time, he was a rising boxer, I was a broken college kid so of course I had no money…so she gave us this roof over our heads, put food on our table, she cleaned our house all the time… He gave her 2 children and now he is an optimistic father, he doesn’t want to own…” Covington concluded.

What do you think of Covington’s detailed explanation of Masvidal’s marital history? Do you think Covington is right to refer back to Masvidal’s past? Who do you think will win this Saturday, who has more to avenge, Masvidal or Covington?


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