How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim


How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim, and what do you know about him? When we watch Selling Sunset, our minds are constantly racing with questions like, “How do the women manage to walk around in those shoes on construction sites?” Crishell and Christine dislike each other? Is Davina ever going to sell her £75 million mansions? But one thing we’re curious about is the height of the twins, Jason, and Brett Oppenheim. In this article, we will learn about Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s height, net worth, and which Oppenheim’s brother Mary dated. Let’s know more about How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim and what he does he do?

    Jason Oppenheim’s accurate height

    So, how tall is Jason Oppenheim? We dug deep into the real estate titan to learn more about his career, background, and all the details Selling Sunset fans want to know.

    Jason Oppenheim is one of The Oppenheim Group’s two founders. He and his twin brother, Brett, founded the major Los Angeles real estate firm. With The Oppenheim Group, Jason and Brett have achieved tremendous success and are currently the #1 Luxury Real Estate agents in Los Angeles. Given that this is one of the most expensive places in the world to live, Jason has undoubtedly made a fortune in founding the company. These are the complete details about How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim!

    Height of Jason and Brett Oppenheim

    We think the twins would look shorter if everyone wore formal shoes, and the Oppenheim Group’s owners, Brett and Jason Oppenheim, are 5ft6 tall, according to The Express. Christine did not say this when Grazia interviewed her last month. “I’m 5ft 9 and they’re 5ft 3,” Christine told Grazia.

    Many Selling Sunset viewers have been curious about Jason’s height, as he appears much shorter than many of his female coworkers. It should be noted that the Selling Sunset female stars are also models always wearing heels, so Jason may be taller than some people believe! Brett and Jason are both about the same height. According to reports, Jason stands 5’6″ tall. How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim is wholly discussed in this post.

    Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s monetary value

    You should be aware that everyone associated with Netflix’s Selling Sunset is a scumbag. The agents are incredibly wealthy, as are the buyers of the famed Selling Sunset properties, and the males on the show are no exception.

    Brett and Jason Oppenheim are each worth $50 million (£37.5 million). The Oppenheim brothers have the highest net worth of any Selling Sunset regular cast member because they practically own the company and are both licensed lawyers. They both worked in law and had celebrity clients before taking over the number one luxury real estate company in Los Angeles.

    Did Mary date which of the Oppenheim brothers?

    Mary’s boyfriend was Jason Oppenheim, a luxury real estate broker. According to House Beautiful, the two co-stars on Netflix’s Selling Sunset dated for about a year, lived together and got two dogs, Zelda and Niko. “It’s more on me,” Jason admitted of the split. “We were great friends, but now we’re even closer.” On March 9, 2018, Fitzgerald married Romain Bonnet, a 12-year-younger man featured on Selling Sunset.

    Jason and Brett Oppenheim: Who Are They?

    How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim is presented above in detail. Jason and Brett Oppenheim lead The Oppenheim Group, a professional real estate firm in Los Angeles that serves buyers and sellers of luxury real estate.

    They both worked as lawyers before getting into real estate. Many people are curious about Jason and Brett’s height because they are frequently present with realtors towering over them. According to sources, the brothers are five feet and six inches tall.

    Selling Sunset: A Netflix Original Series

    Selling Sunset is a Netflix original series about the Oppenheim Group’s real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles that specializes in marketing high-end residential properties. The show delves into the professional and personal lives of real estate agents.

    The show was famous for a second season on May 22, 2020, and the third season on August 7, 2020. On March 11, 2021, Netflix renewed the show for a fourth and fifth season.

    According to Netflix, Selling Tampa, which follows the Allure Realty firm in Florida, and Selling the OC, which follows the Oppenheim Group office in Newport Beach, are both in pre-production. Before entering the real estate business, the couple worked as lawyers.

    Many fans wonder how tall Jason and Brett are because they are frequently seen with their realtors towering over them. According to reports, the brothers are five feet and six inches tall.

    Are the twins Oppenheim single?

    Despite publicly confirming their relationship in July 2021, Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause, an Oppenheim Group realtor, have reportedly already split.

    Tina Louise, the co-owner of Sugar Taco in Los Angeles, is Brett Oppenheim’s girlfriend. The two made their Instagram relationship public earlier this year, and fans can expect to see her in future seasons of Selling Sunset.

    Why “Selling Sunset” Star Jason Oppenheim Quit His Law Career to Sell Houses

    Jason Oppenheim knows how to run a real estate brokerage that makes money and makes for good television. As seen in Netflix’s original series Selling Sunset, the Oppenheim Group, located at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Dr. in Los Angeles, is the place to go. Jason Oppenheim, the founder, and the president, work with his all-female team to close big deals amid plenty of TV-worthy drama.

    But, when the cameras are turned off, who is Jason Oppenheim? And how did he end up where he is now?

    Oppenheim received his undergraduate and law degrees from UC Berkeley, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and first in his class, according to his bio on the Oppenheim Group website. He was also an instructor in Berkeley’s Political Science and Legal Studies Department.

    His first official job after graduating from college was with the international law firm O’Melveny & Myers. He represented a diverse range of high-profile clients at the firm (think: the former Enron CEO in the Enron scandal). He even went on to win a case before the United States Supreme Court.

    Jason Oppenheim’s height

    He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. Many Selling Sunset viewers have wondered about Jason’s height, as he appears much shorter than many of his female coworkers. It should be noted that the female stars of Selling Sunset are also models always wearing heels, so that Jason may be taller than some belief! It was all about How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim and his details!


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