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What do you know about Jesse James Keitel gender and its complete story? One of Hollywood’s most prominent transgender actors and drag queens is an American actor and drag queen Jesse James Keitel. Here is more information on the life and career of the Queer as a Folk actress.

With a part as David, Diana’s brother, in the 2013 television documentary Celebrity Ghost Stories, the actress launched her career about ten years ago. She has been a part of several short films and television shows, including What Would You Do, House of Dreams, Younger, Map of Brooklyn, and Big Sky.

Jesse also appears as Adrian in the sci-fi series Forever Alone. She also had an appearance in the play Theo by Martin Moran. Let’s know more about Jesse James Keitel gender.

Jesse James Keitel: A Man Or A Woman?

The transgender actor Jesse James Keitel plays a Trans character in the upcoming series Queer as Folks. She is a transgender lady who has undergone gender change. She also performs as a drag queen under the name Peroxide.

The actress, who does not identify as a traditional male or female, chooses to be called a non-binary person. Numerous non-binary celebrities include Demi Lovato, Jonathan Van Ness, Lachlan Watson, Asia Kate Dillon, Angel Hage, Tom Phelon, and more.

The actress portrays Ruthie, a transgender party girl, in the impending reboot of the television series Queer as Folks. The New Orleans-based drama series follows a diverse group of friends whose lives are drastically altered by a disaster.

What Pronouns Does Jesse James Keitel Use?

Jesse James Keitel prefers the pronouns she/her. She is occasionally referred to using the pronouns they or them.

On June 26, 1993, the actress was born in Long Island, New York. She graduated from Pace University in New York City with a BFA in acting and currently resides there. She has 27K followers on her @jessejameskeitel account and is highly active there.

Ben Stiller’s Netflix feature Alex Strangelove, in which Keitel portrayed the LGBT character Sidney, received positive reviews from critics. Later, she became the first non-binary character on TV Land when she portrayed Tam in Younger’s film. She was the choice for OUT100 by Out Magazine for portraying those characters.

AJ Lebenns, His Partner

After Jesse James Keitel gender, let’s know about his partner. Jesse James Keitel’s current girlfriend is AJ Lebenns. Her frequent photo sharing with him suggests that they are dating. On Instagram, she posted a photo of the ring AJ gave her as a proposal.

She is a well-known drag performer as well. Her drag persona is Peroxide, a member of Haus of Femanon. In the documentary series Fill in the Blanks, she portrayed Peroxide. She also performed as Peroxide in Sasha Velour and Opening Ceremony’s SS19 collaboration during New York Fashion Week.

The upcoming Queer as Folks Peacock series, which will debut on June 9, 2022, will star Jesse James Keitel and other queer actors.

Is Jesse James Keitel a transgender man?

No, Jesse James Keitel is not a transgender guy; instead, she identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns she/her. Keitel has consistently denied identifying as either a guy or a woman.

Instead, she has chosen to identify as a non-binary person and avoid identifying as either a man or a woman. The 28-year-old actress favors using the pronoun “she” when referring to herself. It shows that she prefers to be somewhat linked with the female gender rather than a man. It was all about Jesse James Keitel gender.

More about Jesse James Keitel

Non-binary actor Jesse James Keitel portrays a trans character in the series “Queer as Folks.” Her before-and-after gender surgery stories have aroused the interest of fans.

American non-binary actress Jesse James Keitel became well-known after acting in the entire movie “Big Sky.” She succeeded with the live-action, fast-paced movie “Miller and Son,” which investigates the world of transsexual mechanics.

The movie won the Best Live Action BAFTA Student Film Award. As a result, Keitel gained more recognition as a rising star actor within the LGBTQ+ community and was offered their first pivotal role in “Big Sky.”

Jesse James Before And After Gender Surgery, “Queer As Folk”

In the series “Queer as Folks,” Jesse James Keitel portrays a transgender person. Jesse may also perform as a drag queen under the stage “Peroxide.”

Although she has never explicitly denied it, there has been suspicion that the actress was born a man. Under no circumstances has she addressed or explained such a rumor.

However, she resembles a human somewhat more than a girl based mostly on her earlier looks. She must, however, formally declare her gender. She hates to be present among people as a person or a woman. Instead, she refers to herself as a binary explicit, specific individual.

Explore Jesse James’ Sexuality

Have a look at some more details about Jesse James Keitel gender. The actor wants to identify as non-binary, which denotes that she doesn’t conform to a traditional male or female. Keitel favors the pronouns they/them and he/she/her.

Throughout the series “Queer as Folks,” she plays Ruthie, a transgender group lady. The series is present in New Orleans and has various friends as a calamity drastically alters their lives.

Keitel is the first openly non-binary actor to portray a non-binary variety in “Big Sky,” The first cast member to be announced for the revival of “Queer as Folk” is even more intriguing.

Jesse James has been seeing AJ Lebenns, her longtime partner. For more than a decade, Jesse James has been courting AJ Lebenns. The couple first got together in 2010. Jessie is transparent about her relationship and frequently expresses her love for her boyfriend on social media. She frequently uploads pictures of the two of them being honest and in a loving relationship.

Despite getting hitched in 2019, the couple hasn’t yet wed and hasn’t made any announcements regarding their wedding plans.

Apart from that, they love each other and are quite proud of one another. In a quarantined New York City house, Jesse and Aj played together. Additionally, a completely at ease pair always enjoys each other’s company. It was all about Jesse James Keitel gender and its story!

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