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In this day and age, real-world danger extends even to the internet. Bullying, abuse, and even discrimination have taken on many online forms. Instant internet access has made it much easier for our children to discover content not appropriate for their age.

It might be easy to safeguard your kids physically, but the digital world is a whole other story. As parents, it’s important to ensure that our children are safe, regardless of the medium and the situation.

That’s why parental control apps like KidsGuard Proare such a must nowadays. In this KidsGuard Pro review, I’ll help you find out if this app can indeed protect your children’s physical and, more importantly, digital presence.

KidsGuard Pro Benefits

KidsGuard Pro  is a parental control app by ClevGuard designed to give parents a certain measure of access to their children’s mobile devices. Like many free and paid spy apps, it can scan a kid’s phone and report the contents to you, including contacts, messages, social media apps, and more.

One of the biggest strengths of KidsGuard Pro is how easy it is to install. In just five minutes, you have a fully installed, functional, and concealed app that will let you monitor your child’s device from the get-go, even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

Plus, even if you don’t have root access to your phone, you’ll still be able to use KidsGuard Pro to some extent. Granting root access can be technical and risky, so it’s nice to know that this app can still be used to protect your loved ones even without it.

KidsGuard Pro  also features a wide variety of functions, such as the ability to uncover address books, messages, emails, and even social media and instant messaging apps.

You can also track your kid’s physical location with the GPS mapping function. With this feature, you can set virtual boundaries that will trigger an alarm when crossed. Aside from that, you can also give remote commands and monitor your child’s device in real-time.

All of these features come at a reasonable price of $23.99 for a one-month plan, with the price getting lower as the subscription length gets longer.

Interested yet? If you think KidGuard is a great match for you, you can easily start your subscription by clicking here  . 
If you need more information to decide, however, my detailed KidsGuard review below will give you a more in-depth discussion of the features, product compatibility, prices, and more.

KidsGuard Pro Review

This is a detailed review of KidsGuard Pro  . By the end of this section, you should have a better idea of whether or not this app matches your needs.

To give you the most accurate information, I used an unrooted Android device to try out each feature of this spy app. According to KidsGuard Pro’s website, there’s no need to root or jailbreak the device in order for the app to work, so I’ll take them for their word.


The dashboard is your command center – the place where you will first land when you log in to a fully installed KidsGuard Pro app. 

From here, you should get an overview of the most important information about your child so that you can monitor their status at a glance.

Here, you can see that KidsGuard Pro has many things to offer. On the left side of the full dashboard, you’ll see the main menu. You can use it to navigate to the specific function that you need.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the screen, occupying the most space of the dashboard, you can see quick analytics of your child’s phone. 

In this window, you can see categories for your Account and Order Information, Device Information, Top Callers, Top Messages, and Last Known Location.

Data is summarized cleanly and efficiently, and with just one glance, you can determine the overall status of your child’s device.

If you want to see their specific stats, you can navigate to the exact function that you need by selecting the correct button from the sidebar.

Main Features

Here, I will review the app’s main monitoring features.

Call Logs Access

Knowing who your children are calling on their phones is a great way of knowing who they’re talking to in their daily lives.

With this kind of knowledge, you can evaluate whether your children are associating with the right crowd or not. You can also tell if they’re being bullied or threatened by specific phone numbers.

On the KidsGuard Pro dashboard, you can locate it under the Phone Files category in the left-hand menu.

Upon clicking it, you’ll be brought to a window that displays all of the call logs on your child’s device.

Here, you will see the name of the contact, phone number, call type, duration, and the call’s timestamp
You can sort these entries by date simply by clicking on the calendar button at the top.

There’s also the downward arrow beside the Date section of the display. You can alternate between the most recent to the latest history display.

Although the information displayed is very detailed, one problem I found is that it doesn’t display the most recent call logs at all. 

The latest call logs that the app gathered were from February 2020, even though I’ve been using the phone regularly for calls since then.

That said, this incomplete information might be because of the unrooted Android phone I used for this trial, which goes against what ClevGuard said on KidsGuard Pro’s website that there’s no need for rooting.


SMS is still one of the most widely used forms of communication, so you need to be able to access it if you want to stay updated on your children’s interactions.

This way, you will know if they’re ever approached by potentially dangerous contacts or if they’re being bullied.

You can find this function on the KidsGuard Pro platform directly below the call logs button on the left sidebar.
The messages window displays conversation threads in the form of chat boxes, which is an easily understandable and clean method of organization. 

On this window, you can see the name of the contact, the conversation, and the time stamp.

However, it suffers from the same problem as the call logs – although it does display some data, this data is inaccurate and not up-to-date.

Again, this could be because my test device is unrooted and can’t give maximum permissions to the app.


Getting access to your children’s address book will reveal who they’re in contact with through SMS and instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. 

With this knowledge, you can more easily protect them from threats, especially if you find a suspicious contact.

This function can be found right below the Messages button on the left menu.

For this category, KidsGuard Pro performs adequately. The window displays the contact name, as well as other contact information, such as other numbers, emails, URLs, and addresses entered on the device.
As far as I can tell, the list is pretty exhaustive. All the contact information saved on the phone is recorded on the platform, unlike both the messages and call logs functions.

Browser History

It’s also a great idea to know what your children are searching for on the web. The internet gives them very easy access to whatever content they desire, so they can easily search for age-inappropriate content,such as violence, drug abuse, and pornography.

In the KidsGuard Pro app, you can access the device browser history by clicking the button right below the Contacts option, on the left sidebar.

Unfortunately, this function didn’t work for me. The app couldn’t successfully sync with the phone’s browser and display the browsing history.

This is strange since I did recently use my device. And yet, no matter how many sync refreshes I made, the phone’s browser history still didn’t display.


Knowing what kind of photos and videos your children are taking and saving is useful to know where their interests are leaning towards.

For instance, if you see that they’re savings inappropriate photos and videos, you know to start a conversation about the things they should and shouldn’t look at.

On the KidsGuard Pro dashboard, these options can be found below the browser history button.

Once again, KidsGuard Pro fails to deliver. My trial phone has a full gallery, and yet it yielded no results.

KidsGuard Pro: Is It Worth It?

If what you’re looking for is a robust location tracker on Android even without root access, then this app is certainly worth every buck.

For everything else, KidsGuard Pro  performs adequately, but it has minor problems and design issues that pile up, reducing its quality. If you plan on using this app for its entire range of features, then you might fare better with a rooted Android phone.

If you’re an iPhone user, though, I don’t think I can recommend this app. Installing the iCloud Monitoring version  isn’t a hassle, but it can only see eight file types and the features are limited. 

The iPhone Monitoring version  can show over 20 files types, but you need to connect it to a computer first. It doesn’t even have real-time or close to real-time monitoring.

Overall, our KidsGuard Pro review shows that it’s adecent Android parental control app, especially for the price, but the iOS versions definitely need a much-needed improvement.


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