Will Kingkiller Chronicles Book 3 ever be released? It’s a question many fans of the series are waiting for an answer on.

Kingkiller Chronicles Book 3, The Doors of Stone, release date is eagerly awaited by fans and the third installment in the Patrick Rothfuss series.

Author Patrick Rothfuss reportedly completed a draft of the third novel in 2013. But ten years have passed since the publication of the second installment, The Wise Man’s Fear and there have been relatively few updates over the last few years. One day after long silence, The Doors of Stone release date is finally here. And it’s not surprising that there are still many things we don’t know about the finale to Rothfuss’ series.

The Doors of Stone Release Date

In January 2021, author Patrick Rothfuss gave his most recent update on the status of the book. Rothfuss informed readers that he feels better about the work he’s done and is done with his personal life so now it should be less distracting to work on his final book.

It is currently unclear when The Doors of Stone will be complete and published, but it appears that Rothfuss has kept to the right course.

There is no announced release date for The Doors of Stone. Unlike George R.R. Martin, who has specified a reading completion deadline in 2020, Patrick Rothfuss refuses to publicly set a date for the publication of the book and stresses that there are multiple reasons why he can’t give an official release day for his book.

Patrick Rothfuss takes a serious, artistically-minded approach to his work. References from his videos and podcasts indicate that he wants the best for fans.

The Doors of Stone Characters

The Kingkiller Chronicles follows the protagonist Kvothe, a musician and academic who has become an almost mythic figure.

I’ve trodden paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during the day. I have talked to gods, loved women, and written songs that make minstrels weep. My name is Kvothe, but you may have heard of me.

This brief description of Kingkiller Chronicle’s narrator illustrates how his voice dominates the story, and is recapped to a chronicler. The Doors of Stone is expected to be identical to its predecessors.

The Doors of Stone Maps

There are no specific maps for The Doors of Stone as Patrick Rothfuss has shared that Kvothe will be traveling much more in book three. We know he is set to visit Renere, the ‘three-part city.’

The Doors of Stone Chapter Excerpts

The Kingkiller Chronicle’s third installment, The Doors of Stone, won’t be released for months. In the meantime, fans will have to keep themselves busy with spoilers and conjecture about possible plot twists.

The Doors of Stone Spoilers

It might be challenging to identify spoilers for the third book in The Kingkiller Chronicles. But, according to Patrick Rothfuss’ 3-day frame narrative, it will cover a span of three days, and Doors of Stone is said to last exactly how long. Fans expect that Rothfuss will explain one of the trilogy s burning questions: Why did Kvothe, a living legend, retired as an inn-keeper so early in life?

We know that he is hiding to avoid powerful people from hating him, but there’s so much more. There was a scene in book 2 which showed how Kvothe couldn’t use magic when bandits tried to attack the inn.

Rothfuss offers few clues as to why he abandoned the use of magic while in his youth and speculates about when the decision was made.

Along with the synopsis on Goodreads, the blurb in The Name of the Wind is also a spoiler. It reveals that those events not covered in book 1 and 2 will happen in book 3.

For example, it’s a foregone conclusion that Kvothe will be expelled from the university while still very young, and his confrontation with his classmate and rival, Ambrose, at the end of The Wise Man’s Fear might have something to do with it.

One popular fan theory is that Lady Meluan Lackless, Kvothe’s aunt. The design of her dress and the shape of her face are both similar to Caudicus who could be his father. Given that his mother was a noblewoman who ran away with his father, many fans have done the math. We may also learn more about the Chandrian, about whom too little is known so far.

Important motifs in this series are also hidden secrets and mysterious boxes. One such example is the thrice-locked chest that Kvothe cannot open, which may provide further clues about the unsolved mysteries of this book.

Given that true names are an important theme in the series, some fans speculate that it contains Kvothe’s true name, disconnecting him from his magic. Some also notice associations between this chest and the Lackless box, which has no obvious locks or hinges but still contains something.

These being only a few of the mysteries and fan theories that have circulated over the years, The Doors of Stone has a lot to cover.

The Doors of Stone Cover

The cover for book three is yet to be announced. Based off of the two existing covers, it may have a dark tone and feature someone mysterious from the Kingkiller Chronicles. Unless, of course, the pattern is somehow broken for The Doors of Stone. But since it’s plainly clear that we can expect some dark events to unfold–since it’s clear there will be a lot of suffering and even death–such a change seems unlikely.

The Doors of Stone Updates

Patrick Rothfuss talked about the forthcoming novel The Doors of Stone while streaming on Twitch.

Rothfuss did not provide any new insights into the Chandrian, but he is excited to explore other aspects of this world like fae creatures in his third book. These are 6 must read George RR Martin books before Winds of Winter releases.

Though this is just a tiny preview of what we can expect from the book, Rothfuss’s willingness to share some details shows it may not be too long until they release The Doors of Stone.


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