Klocked Announces Indoor Running Feature Compatible with Under Armour Sneakers

Today announced at the CES Tech Event in Las Vegas, that Klocked’s revolutionary real-time Sports Science Platform is now compatible with Under Armour* HOVR sneakers. The Klocked app adds Bluetooth connectivity to wearables from Under Armour that track and transmit cadence, stride length, distance, and other data in real-time.

Compatible Under Armour sneakers are paired to the Klocked app to provide more accurate activity data which helps with indoor and outdoor activity tracking. The new Under Armour compatibility has been tested on various treadmill brands including NordicTrack to show accurate activity tracking where GPS is not possible.

‘The indoor fitness competitive landscape is busy with Peloton, gyms, NordicTrack, Lululemon Mirror, and Meta’s, formerly Facebook, Supernatural VR fitness,’ says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital and co-creator of Klocked fitness app. ‘Peloton, Mirror, and Supernatural are not used outdoors. With Under Armour compatibility, Klocked is now a beautiful 3D fitness tracking solution indoors and outdoors.’

Klocked Under Armour compatibility supports existing Klocked audio and video cues, adaptive music to optimize cadence, pre-race and in-race coaching, and the P4 AI performance-enhancing audio cues that improve training and race-day performance. Real-time evaluation is powered by Klocked P4 AI and Weav Music’s performance-enhancing adaptive music & AR coaching technology.

Klocked’s Under Armour features will be released in the next version of the free Klocked App. Existing users will receive the Under Armour compatibility update automatically. This new athlete-friendly feature is part of a series of new features including Siri Shortcuts, P4AI, Coach Kelly, and Weav Music announced last month.

Siri Shortcuts

With Siri Shortcuts users can configure and request Siri to start, pause, resume, and finish a Klocked activity hands-free. Users can leave their phone in their pocket and continue to stretch, run, and make their way, virtually, through the streets of Paris, London, Berlin, New York and other Klocked courses.

Klocked P4 AI

Klocked helps everybody to get outdoors and provides daily real-time motivation towards healthy living. The Klocked P4 AI system augments a user’s experience with real-time and interval audio cues making fitness fun, competitive, and gamified. Klocked not only equips users with motivation but with real-time information and data that is not available anywhere else. Klocked P4 AI includes Place, Placement, Performance, and Personal Best Augmented Reality (AR).

Coach Kelly

Coach Kelly joins Klocked users on race and fun run days. Upcoming races and fun runs include Berlin, Paris, and New York. Join 30-minutes before start time and Coach Kelly walks participants through the upcoming event. Coach Kelly is with you at race start, during the race, and through to the finish line. Check out the schedule.


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