Kratom for Weight Loss – Is It Really Effective? 


People all over the world are struggling to control their weight and improve their overall health, which is a big challenge for many of them. Obesity has turned into an epidemic, and each day individuals try out fad diets and other dangerous tactics to lose weight.
Kratom is one way you can lose weight the healthy way, reducing your risk of developing health conditions like hypertension or problems in the joints and bones.

How Does Kratom Aid Weight Loss?

You’re probably wondering how kratom can be effective for weight loss, so let’s get into it.

There are two alkaloids responsible for the effects of kratom, which are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These alkaloids stimulate the brain and cause you to experience kratom in all of its glory. While kratom itself will not cause you to lose weight, the effects of kratom will indirectly result in shedding pounds.

Strains of Kratom for Weight Loss

There are numerous strains of kratom that can be used when an individual wishes to lose weight, so let’s look at 2 of them.

■ Maeng Da

Maeng Da is a very potent blend that contains a high concentration of therapeutic alkaloids that are ideal for long-lasting relief from restlessness or jitters you may be experiencing. You can find this kratom online in several varieties, which gives you flexibility when it comes to finding the right strain for your weight loss journey.

■ Thai

Thai kratom is another option for individuals that want to lose weight, as it provides energy and also suppresses the appetite. Thai kratom lasts just as long as Maeng Da kratom, which is due to mitraphylline – an alkaloid that is present in this strain prevalently. This is the most potent of strains for appetite suppression and energy, so you should start with a lower dose.

What’s the Best Kratom for Weight Loss?

There’s no right answer when it comes to what kratom is the best for weight loss, as each individual will vary in their experience with kratom. Some options include Maeng Da and Thai, but you can visit other kratom vendors to find high-quality kratom that helps your weight loss goals.

Energy Boost/Stimulation

If you’re feeling tired, it’s likely you won’t feel motivated to get up and start exercising. If you’re not moving, you’re almost guaranteed to gain weight or keep the pounds on, so using kratom that provides energy can be beneficial to weight loss goals.

White strains of kratom are the best for this, as they stimulate the body and give you the energy to go to the gym, meet up with a personal trainer, hop on your exercise machine, or do just about any physical activity.

Kratom is known for promoting blood circulation as well, improving the flow of oxygen in the blood and ensuring that you have the energy required to make it through intense physical ordeals and tasks.


When you’re stressed, you’re much more likely to experience frequent cravings for junk foods and processed meals and snacks that have excess sugars and salt in them. If you’re not careful, you could end up eating more often or not eating enough nutrients in your diet, which can lead to malnourishment or behaviors reminiscent of eating disorders.

When kratom is consumed, especially red or green strains of kratom, you will feel your mood lift as endorphins are released in the brain. These endorphins lead to decreased bouts of stress eating, leading to a healthier lifestyle and reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods.

Once you’re in a state of calm, you’ll find that making healthy food choices is much easier and you’ll have less of an urge for foods and beverages that hinder weight loss.

Appetite Suppressant

While there are common things that most users of kratom will experience, not every individual has the same experience even if they take the same exact dose of the same exact strain.

Good quality kratom can lead to a suppression of the appetite, which means less calories consumed throughout your day. Some strains, however, can result in an increased appetite, so it’s a good idea to try different strains and figure out how they work for you.

If you find the right strain, you’ll find your caloric intake reduced significantly when taking kratom on a regular basis. Red strains are more likely to induce appetite suppression, but you may also find your appetite suppressed when taking white or green kratom strains.

You will also be able to suppress your appetite without feeling the ill effects that can be caused by using other medications or supplements.

Enhanced Motivation

When you’re overweight and unhappy with your current physical state, you may find it difficult to get motivated and pumped up. This motivation is typically fleeting anyway, but it can be difficult to start when you’ve got nothing to start from.

Kratom strains that enhance mood and energy can be a gift for those looking to lose weight, keeping their motivation in check and ensuring that individuals are able to kick start their journey and maintain energy throughout tough days. This works because receptors are stimulated in the brain, which enhance optimism and allow you to fully take charge of your day.

Using kratom, you’ll find it much easier to get up and get going when it comes to your weight loss. If you’re ready to take control of your body, you may consider kratom strains that are white or green.

A Quick Kratom Overview

Kratom is a natural herb from the Mitragyna speciosa tree with a very long history of medicinal and therapeutic use throughout Southeast Asia. In this region, kratom has been used for centuries for its mood-enhancing properties as well as its ability to stimulate the mind and body while also reducing pain individuals may experience due to health conditions.

Kratom leaves are green, but their colors change as they mature and dry, producing red, white, and green kratom strains. These strains have different effects on individuals, as red strains are known for their relaxing sedative properties while white strains are known for providing stimulation.


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