After announcing the details of his return to the stage with his first concert on March 7 from the Telmex Auditorium at 8:30 pm, Julion Alvarez explained in a virtual press conference what happened to his legal proceedings in the United States after he was accused and / or linked to money laundering investigations.

The singer noted that since 2017 and after the US authorities indicated that his career had faced various challenges as he was unable to operate in the US and canceled his main broadcast channels on the most popular social networks; He explained that his operation in the United States is currently late due to the epidemic.

“In the United States, this is an indication of where we are being investigated, which is unfortunately delayed. The news from American lawyers when the epidemic started was that it had stopped operations, which would be a bit slow. On my part, I feel calm, I am sure and I know the path that I took and my son Faith and peace of mind that any time we are given an appropriate decision.

Julion Alvarez made his debut via flow It would be Telmex Auditorium for logistics and more convenience for your staff, Plus the capital, Guadalajara, is currently home to residence. He added that the concert will be free of charge and he will take the opportunity to share some of the 18 new songs he recorded during the pandemic in the company of Nortino Panda, and celebrate 14 years of history and 19 years as a singer since then. He emigrated from his hometown of Chiapas to Mazatlan.

Julion Alvarez spoke for the first time about the reasons that led to the investigation with him by the American authorities, stating that years ago he intended to invest in developing a residential complex, and after disagreements with his partners at that time, he chose to withdraw from the project, however, his name will still be associated. Trust that when your case is resolved you will have a judgment in your favor.

“At the time I didn’t talk about it because the alumni told me not to talk. Falling into a list like the one I find myself in (FIU in Mexico, Treasury Department in the US) are things unfortunately one unknown. I started increasing my numbers, and I started In doing better, I started wanting to diversify, and I invested it in farms, in the land. “

“One of these investments was the development of a subsection, where I partnered with other people to develop it. He buys land, and I invest for urbanization and development with the intention, within two years, to earn an amount, like everyone else, wanting to do work.”

The singer explained that the aforementioned land was owned by a real estate agency affiliated with different families in previous years: “I have investments based on the exits of my technical company where pennies were generated, and from there the real estate agency with which I developed this project. It did not take more than a year and I had disagreements with the partner in 2013, we reached an agreement.”

Julion explained that when doing his calculations and considering the profits he could recover in the short term and in contrast to the income he made from working Thursday through Sunday with crowded concerts, he preferred to cut short the project and participate in a meeting in front of a notary. For the public to make a change of partners.

“A debt was signed, in 2015 they started to pay me and monitor the money that I brought from the previous owners of the land on which this division was developed, it affected me because there were already payments and income to my accounts. How can one fall or become entangled or be part of these lists, and that it is not at all easy to be able to leave. All because of the desire to diversify the economy and business. “


Julion Alvarez explained that as a result of these accusations, not only has he suffered from the absence and disappearance of various tools and methods of work, since then. I personally experienced discrimination in the face of these allegations He remembered that he was even denied care in a restaurant or that his relatives were also under investigation.

“The biggest challenge we faced from the signs, was to continue and stay in the taste of the audience, and that was part of the work that we have done since we started in 2007 to 2017, when the signs, from there to here, competition without tools, with many limitations, a difficult task. “.

“It is a commitment to my family, to the media. Perhaps many people do not know whether they believe or believe that someone deceived them, maybe it is two-faced or an activity different from the one that I did (…) I now have two young girls who do not know what will happen. To them, or they are rejected or criticized, or something like that for being my daughters, the girls of how do they have now, from a man who appeared to a person appointed by the United States government of the states. Discrimination on more than one occasion. “


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