Let’s Not Forget About Sonya Curry During the Western Conference Finals 


Sonya Curry is ready for a busy couple of weeks during the 2019 NBA Playoffs thanks to her sons Stephen Curry and Seth Curry going head-to-head in the Western Conference Finals as the Golden State Warriors face the Portland Trail Blazers. It marks the first time in NBA history that two brothers have played in the same Conference Finals series.
For the Warriors – Trail Blazers matchup, Sonya and her husband Dell Curry, a former NBA star of his own, decided to wear some epic split jerseys to show support for both sons.
Sonya was also an athlete of her own, playing college volleyball at Virginia Tech where she earned a degree in elementary education and a minor in family studies.
The Currys have been interested in basketball since a young age thanks to their father, and now that they are playing against each other as adults it takes Sonya back to the days of the boys hooping in their back yard.
“They were children who went to the games, sat, and watched….They watched games at home,” Sonya said during an interview with Today. “They were students of the game. Now every time I see them play against each other as adults, it takes me back to them in the house, in the backyard, and then they’re different personalities.”
Sonya can always be seen sitting near the court rooting on her sons and she often catches the eyes of NBA Twitter. Thanks to her enthusiasm and, obviously, stunningly good looks, Sonya is the perfect basketball mom that everyone seems to enjoy.
For more photos of Sonya, check out the pictures below and be sure to head on over to Instagram and click follow to join the growing list of just over 171,000 fans who can’t wait to see her next move.


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