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There are plenty of things you will see popping up on your phone, especially if you are an LG or Android user. Here we are going to discuss LG IMS Keeps Stopping. Numerous see LG as an aspect of a virus because it comes up with a message such as “unfortunately LG IMS stops,” and they also link it to omacp. It is an underlying statement that it might send illegal data between Android phones to third parties. However, none of this can be true because there is no pure evidence of it seen. Numerous also want to know why the LG IMS continues to debunk. Hence, if you are curious to know and get answers to any of these, you can read on to find out.

The use of LG IMS on Android

LG IMS is known as Internet Protocol Multimedia Services. There are different uses of multimedia services that you will be able to see in the extended version of the app. There are also various elements included within the multimedia services. However, the main focus of LG IMS is placed on aspects such as WiFi calling as well as Voice Over Long-Term evolution.

Is the LG IMS a virus or a spying agent?

The truth about LG IMS is that, truly, it is not a virus or a spying agent on your phone. It is a common thing for people to think of certain apps as such because of their odd functioning. The main reason for that is that there is no complete understanding of the app itself. Hence, you will not have to worry much about your data being transferred to any third party, especially when having WiFi calling or using any other elements it offers.

Does the LG IMS function on other devices?

It would not be wrong for people to think that this message and the app will work only on LG devices because of the name. Moreover, the message also contains the name of the company, which is why it brings in more surety that the message will only appear on those certain devices. However, this is false. This app is used by android manufacturers as well.

Adding the name of the company does not only refer that it will only be used on those devices only. Hence, you will also be seeing this message on devices that are not registered with the company LG. The app does not cause any harm to your device. Hence, it is suitable for Android as well.

Does the LG IMS include a package name?

There is a greater need for a package name as technological advancements make their way up. Several benefits come with package names and are important. The package name for LGS IMS is com. LG.ims. Android users will be able to see it clearly on their devices. This will help you expand the framework, which is LG IMS.

Hence, when you are going to be downloading apps from Google Play Store or Smartwood, the package name will count. These also come in handy when there is an update to that app. Most of the time, it is an extended version of it. Hence, it is easy to identify.

Package names will also help you when you are removing or deleting apps. These mainly include the ones which are pre-installed in your phone default. These apps can be Vnotes, Coremobility, or com Google Android package installer. You can do this by an app removal method or through USB debugging as well.

How can you fix the crashing of LG IMS?

It can start to get annoying when you keep seeing the message pop up when you are using your device. There are multiple ways how you can fix this issue, and some of them are:

Uninstalling the updates

If you take a closer look, you will realize that whenever you update or install new applications, the LG IMS message will pop us saying it stopped working. Hence, for this, you should see if there are any installations or updates for the app. If you do find them, then you should remove them, and it will help solve your problem.

Modify the IP version using the hidden menu

You can change the IP version of your device to prevent the message from appearing. This can sometimes happen due to the current IP being used on your device. Hence, to change it, you can easily do it using the hidden menu.

Factory reset device

This is an option that people do not opt to do at any cost. However, if the above 2 methods do not work for you, then this will be your only source of hope. You will have to factory reset your device for the message to stop coming.

Disable the app

You can easily disable the system, but you should take notice that you will not be able to use the WiFi calling service later.

Restart your device

There is another message that you might get to see, and it is “unfortunately, the process com android phone is stopped.” For this, you can easily restart your phone, which will help solve the issue. If it still appears, then this is also something you can do:

  • Shut down all apps running in the background
  • Hold the power button, and you will see different options. Click on the turn-off option
  • Wait until your phone is rebooting.

Clean the LG cache 

You can always try to clean the system and app cache to stop that message from appearing. If you decide to clear the cache, then this will fix the bugs as well as other problems of that specific app. Here is how you can fix the LG IMS:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on learning more about the app
  • Find the LG IMS app, click on clear cache and clear all
  • Go to the system and then click on the clear android cache

How can you remove the LG IMS from your phone? 

It would always be better if you let the LG IMS remain on your phone. However, you can also simply remove it if you do not use it often. To do this, you can download stock ROM. The installation method is easy, and you will just have to follow the procedure given.


Different systems help in controlling your phone and giving you a better version. Hence, LG IMS is a type of framework it works for IP multimedia aspects, especially for WiFi calling. There is a message that often keeps popping up and has concerned many. The best thing is that you can easily fix it as well as delete it if you do not require it. This was all about LG IMS Keeps Stopping.


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