LOL: With Chris Wallace Gone, “Fox News Sunday” attracts the most viewers of the year 


Chris Wallace, the former Fox News Sunday host who many saw as hugely biased towards Biden during the first Trump-Biden debate, showed his true color when he announced that he would be leaving Fox for CNN, a move widely attributed to ideological reasons. As AP reported At a time:

But [Wallace] has become personally frustrated with the overall tenure at Fox, where supporters of conservative views have been enhanced and amplified, especially after the network’s ratings suffered a short time after the election. 2020 election…

Wallace has expressed his concerns about the hardline opinion program to Fox executives on several occasions, including recently after Tucker Carlson’s documentary about the Capitol uprising on the 6th. January, “Patriot Purge,” aired on Fox’s streaming service. Two Fox News contributors, Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes, cited that show in choose to quit smoking net.

In any case, while Wallace might have thought he did the brave thing by leaving Fox and taking the audience with him, it didn’t happen. Instead of Fox’s audience shrinking thanks to Wallace’s departure, it’s actually grown! As Town report:

Fox News’ Sunday morning show, “Fox News Sunday,” hasn’t suffered a drop in ratings since former host Chris Wallace announced his departure from CNN’s streaming service.

The show even saw a boost in ratings, with the January 23 broadcast reaching the highest total and most viewers aged 25-54 that the show has watched since. January 24, 2021.

According to Nielsen Media Research, the January 23 episode of the show hosted by “Fox News at Night” host Shannon Bream saw ratings increase by 27% during the 25-54 demo and total viewership. up 21% from Wallace’s last show on December 12, 2021.

So with RINO’s departure, Fox is free to create compelling, cautious content, and its ratings skyrocket. The amazing thing that can happen when “spineless men” are replaced by men with breasts.

In fact, the network’s January 23 broadcast drew 1,404,000 viewers, tens of thousands more than Wallace was able to attract on its January 23 broadcast last year.

That may not sound like much, but what it represents is very important. Though disliked by many in conservative circles, Wallace is known and, if disliked for his apparent liberal bias in the debate, is often seen as focusing on truth, at least in his interviews. So even if people don’t like him, many people still tune in to hear what he has to say.

So if the network can not only bounce back shortly after he’s gone, but actually increase viewership, that means a) Wallace probably won’t bring as many people with him to CNN and b ) he didn’t land a blow to leftism against the biggest conservative broadcaster.

Instead of hurting Fox, which is almost certainly the intent of the CNN people who want him to leave Fox, his departure may even hurt CNN, as that network almost certainly paid off. quite a lot of money to get him in and, if he doesn’t bring the audience to him, it’s going to be hard to recoup that cost.


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