Lonzo Ball accidentally broke up with his girlfriend Denise Garcia; And she threatens revenge »FirstSportz 


When Lonzo Ball and his ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia came in in 2018, things broke down in front of the Lakers’ former point guard. Especially since the duo also share a child, it looks like Garcia threatened Ball in the form of a tell-all book. For anyone unfamiliar with the iconic Ball family, it’s as controversial and glamorous as the Kardashians. Obviously, with less to do with fashion but more with a focus on sport. 

With LaVar always on the news, Lonzo Ball and Denise Garcia’s farewell controversy was able to smash the controversy charts anyway, in 2018. For those unaware, Ball called the NBA. was the main reason for the breakup and that he wanted to fully focus on the tournament and make a valid name for himself against the big guns.

In an episode of Ball in the family, which aired in 2018, the pair apparently talked about just being parents and called Lozo Zoey’s dad. When the show’s producers asked her if the pair were together, she gave a rather confusing answer. This led to rumors that the couple broke up, Lonzo ball and Denise Garcia also had a feud on Instagram. 

That being said, in October 2020 during an episode of Ball in the Family, the couple confirmed that they were back together and had left misunderstandings behind their misunderstandings. According to Garcia, the couple seems to have grown up and learned a lot from their mistakes. She affirms, “No matter how bad things get, we’ll always find a way to get back together.”

From that day forward, in 2021, Lonzo posted an Instagram story about his girlfriend Garcia sleeping in his bed. Certainly, Lonzo ball and Denise Garcia have gone through difficult times together and have found their way back to each other. 

Finally, Lonzo Ball is having a good time in the NBA during his career playing for the Chicago Bulls, which seems to be a battle of wits falling from the sky. Will he finally be able to play for a team of the caliber in the Championship? Still being watched.


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