Luis Francisco Ricote, Personal Details and Relationship 

Luis Francisco Ricote
Luis Francisco Ricote

Who is Luis Francisco Ricote?

Luis Francisco Ricote is known as the husband of Mexican actress in soap operas and movies, Gabriela Rivero. Luis is also a photographer and a business at the same time. His birth date and exact birthplace are not known to the public.

Personal Details

Full Name: Luis Francisco Ricote
Gender: Male
Birth Date: Unknown
Birth Place: Mexico
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Nationality: Mexican
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Children:  Lara Ricote Rivero, Maya Ricote Rivero, Gala Ricote Rivero.
Spouse: Gabriela Rivero
Status: Married (June 12, 1993 – present)
Occupation: Businessman, photographer

Luis Francisco Ricote’s Relationship with Gabriela Rivero

Luis Francisco Ricote and Gabriela Rivero have been together for 28 years and counting. They got married to each other on June 12, 1994. They have 3 children together and they all are daughters of them. They are Gala Ricote Rivero, Lara Ricote Rivero, and Maya Ricote Rivero.

Gabriela Rivero was known for her Mexican movies;  El Camino Secreto in 1986, Carrusel de las Americas in 1992, and El Rostro da la Venganza in the year 2012. She earns a net worth of approximately $1million to $5 million as a soap opera actress.

Gabriela was 30 years old when she married Luis Francisco Ricote. She was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico on September 15, 1964.

Luis Francisco and Gabriela Rivero Shares the Secrets to Having a Happy and Lasting Relationship

Not only Luis is deeply happy and in love with Gabriela, but she is also just as happy as Luis is. She once said that she loves Luis more than ever. They shared some secrets of leading a successful relationship with their fans.

They said that laughter is very important to keep a healthy and long relationship. It was revealed that they both had a great sense of humor which brought them closer together. Laughter means happiness and being happy means living a beautiful life.

Luis said that Gabriela would tell him jokes and Luis does so to her. He even mentioned that they can go for hours just telling jokes to each other. This was how they met. Their endless joking around made them come to a point where they started talking about each other.

Gabriela also said that there are four valuable factors in making a healthy and lasting relationship. These four valuable factors were respect, tolerance, trust, and communication.

They trusted and loved each other a lot and greatly believed that they would last together, that they would be together no matter what way they are journeying in.


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