15+ BEST Mangastream Alternatives for 2023 [Ranked]


Comics are still prevalent in this age, where almost everything is getting digital and motion pictures are acquiring the entertainment sector.

MangaStream (sometimes spelled Manga Stream) was a website that knew this thing very well that let people read manga online.

Manga comics are the soul of worldwide comic lovers, and MangaStream was one of the favorite places to crave their hunger for high-quality manga comics.

But MangaStream is no longer on the internet, leaving fans to search for a replacement manga comic provider.

So, we’re here with a list of top MangStream Alternatives and replacements that you can use.

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What Is MangaStream?

MangaStream is an online scanlation manga comic database where anyone can read Japanese comics without any additional charges. It is a free service for comics lovers. MangaStream has been around for almost a decade with a promising track record of providing high-quality manga comics for free.

15 Best Mangastream Alternatives

Since the Mangastream original website has been taken down, we will be discussing its alternative options. However, there are plenty of replacement options, but MangaStream was among the most popular online Manga stream platform. Below is the full list of Mangastream alternatives you can use in February 2023:

#1 MangaDex

MangaDex not just provides a lot of mangas, but it also has different versions of each Manga. These versions include the colored version, alternative fan-fiction endings,  and official crossover manga series. Not just that, MangaDex has support for more than 20 different languages, including German, Italian, etc.

It has a full community for passionate manga fans. On MangaDex, you can make your group for specific types or categories of mangas or follow the already available groups.

Its forum section gives the users the freedom to discuss anything about the mangas with the whole community open there. Talking about the user interface, then its neither good nor it is terrible. It has a pretty decent-looking website.

If you prefer to have a modern look, you might get disappointed as it has a bit old-website look. But it is not that bad after all.

Website URL: https://mangadex.org/

#2 MangaFox

Another great MangaStream alternative that can quickly fulfill your manga reading interest is the MangaFox.

Now before talking anything about MangaFox, we would like to tell you that its popularity has given emergence to so many fake MangaFox websites and the one which is ranking on top of the google search results is the Mangafox.online.

Now, the fake one is also not that bad, but its service is not that good.

The original MangaFox about which we are talking is currently being operated via fanfox.net. The original MangaFox has a color theme of orange, white, and black. Its manga updates are fast that the new Manga gets available on its official release.

It also has a very user-friendly and clean interface for reading manga that includes adaptive zoom for better reading. It also has an app that provides a better manga reading experience. But the app is not available on any of the official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Website URL: https://fanfox.net/

#3 MangaHere

With an evergrowing manga collection of more than 10,000 mangas, you can make evergrowing hunger for manga reading.

The website keeps its URL address keeps changing because its popularity has made the DMCA cases against the site.

MangaHere’s scanned manga collection mainly consists of Japanese Mangas and has a substantial amount of Koren Manga, HongKong Manga, Chinese Manga, European Manga, etc.

The looks and navigation system of the MangaHere website is exquisite. Every manga collection has been classified between different categories and genres.

Also, apart from scanned mangas, it has a dedicated Manga Spoiler and News section so that the passionate manga lovers can get updated to the latest and upcoming manga and manga news.

Website URL: https://www.mangahere.cc/

#4 MangaOwl

With its popularity among the manga reader due to its service of releasing WSJ sequence episodes before the official release, the MangaOwl is one of the best MangaStream alternatives that you can use.

The website has a very convenient user interface with a white and orange theme.

Its massive manga database is so well-managed and organized that no one will get any problem in finding and reading the Manga.

It also has a dedicated Genre section, which has 52 different options ranging from Motion to Yuri.

Its user ratings out of 10 and views per Manga are some of the minor but essential things that always help in finding good Manga.

Apart from this, there are so many sections like the Must Read Section, New Release section, Latest Update section, Most Popular Manga section, etc. which will bind you to the MangaOwl.

Website URL: https://mangaowl.com/

#5 MangaPark

MangaPark is one of the most talked and used online manga scanlation websites available on the web.

It has a huge fan base of itself. Its service for providing the best possible quality and updated content is something that should be appreciated.

The MangaPark is a well-established park for online manga reader.

The website has a very straightforward and clean looking manga reading area with the option for loading up to 10 images per chapter.

It is something that serves a lot of convenience to the readers as any of the manga readers don’t prefer it to load every single page one by one for each chapter.

Website URL: https://mangapark.net/

#6 Manganelo

The database of this online manga scanlation website is so extensive that several manga search engines use Manganelo.

The website has many manga comics that you can read from its various sections like the Latest Manga section, Hot Manga Section, and Newest Manga section. It has 40+ different genres flooded with tons of high-quality mangs scans.

It has a straightforward and elegant look, and the user can easily navigate the vast content available. The homepage shows the latest updates about the mangas and a little dedicated section for Most Popular Popular Manga and New Manga.

Its feature of vertical scrolling for reading manga makes it so more comfortable and straightforward to jump to the next page.

It also functions to load all images at once, which can be turned off to save data while reading.

Website URL: https://manganelo.com/

#7 MangaFreak

In this age of reading and streaming online, the culture of downloading things losing its way day by day. But MangFreak is one of those few places from where the user not just can read the Manga online but can also download the whole Manga to read it with an internet connection.

MangaFreak is not so popular among the mang readers but is still popular enough that there are a couple of copy websites available on the web.

We can’t underestimate MangaFreak. It has a plethora of excellent quality manga scans available across different genres.

Its look is also pretty decent without not so much clutter stuffed on a single page. But we should say that there is room for improvement in terms of looks like better optimization of ads as there are a lot of overlapping ads there.

But one thing that was cool about the website is its History section that always keeps the history of your manga reading to get the previously read Manga back without any problem.

Website URL: https://w11.mangafreak.net/

#8 TenManga

There are chances that you might not have heard of TenManga before. It is because TenManga is a relatively new online manga scanlation website in this list of MangsStream alternatives.

But don’t get confused with the tag of being a new website. It also has an extensive content database that has been categorized among 55+ different genres.

TenManga also has the facility to find the Manga with the first letter or number of its name. It makes finding manga comics very easy.

Its look is also reasonably good, if not appealing, with all the latest updates of the Manga mentioned on the homepage. If you want to read Manga that has been entirely available till its end, then the “Completed” section will help you a lot.

Website URL: https://www.tenmanga.com/

#9 MangaPanda

MangaPanda has the most resemblance to the MangaStream. If you were in love with the looks of MangaStream, then you will love MangaPanda as well.

As soon as you enter the MangaPanda website, you get access to the gigantic library of 1000s of high-quality manga comics.

You can access this alternate to MangaStream via your smartphone, tablet computer, or PC. You can find all kinds of comics of different genres, such as adventure, action, mystery, romance, thriller, and others.

Its online reading facility also resembles a lot of with MangaSteam. Additionally, there is a “Surprise Me” on the website that always helps a lot when you get confused between the pile of manga comics.

This button randomly selects a manga for you as er your previous interest of reading. It is something which we found very refreshing.

Website URL: https://www.mangapanda.com/

#10 MangaTown

Here is a whole town-sized database of high-quality manga comics available on MangaTown. Therefore, its name truly justifies its work.

If you don’t like the older look of most of the manga scalation websites, then you should check out the MangaTown. It has an entirely different look and design, which is pretty minimalistic.

It will blow your mind with its user experience.

The MangaTown website has almost all the manga categories on its homepage that a manga reader needs, e.g., the Hot Manga Release, Featured Manga Release, New Manga Release, etc.

Its manga directory is a pretty unique space where you can explore the manga comics based on A-Z names, Views, Ratings, and Latest categories.

Website URL: https://www.mangatown.com/

#11 KissManga

Its incredibly enormous collection of over 1,00,000 manga comics will never let you out of content. With KissManga, you’ll read tons of high-quality scans of all the famous and exclusive manga comics.

These manga comics get updated chapters as soon as they are officially launched to ensure the best possible experience of Manga stories. Additionally, you will obtain the notifications and even the manga list of the new chapters.

Formore passionate lovers of Manga who loves to share what they read can share the mangas directly and can also manage their own separate space on the website to group their favorite content.

You can also send your feedback to tackle your inquiries on KissManga.

Website URL: https://kissmanga.com/

#12 Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn is a massive manga community which is dedicated to spreading the manga comics worldwide legally. You will need to have an account on Manga Reborn to read any manga on its website.

It has a dedicated News section and a Forum section, which are always a must-have requirement for a hardcore manga lover.

Here you can stay yourself updated with the latest manga news and can also discuss anything about the manga comics with a large manga loving community.

The website has a pretty decent look and a white and maroon theme, which is reasonably appealing. Manga Reborn is available with mangas in different languages, including languages like German and Italian.

You can chat with other members to acquire characters’ data or anonymous names. The website is increasing its particular user and relatively new.

Website URL: https://en.mangareborn.jp/

#13 MangaReader

Another Manga scanlation website that resembles a lot with MangaStream in terms of looks is the we-known MangaReader. It also has an old/classic looking user interface with lots of English manga comics to read.

It also has that “Surprise Me” button for random selection of manga comics. However, it is not that mobile-friendly but works like a charm on Tablet computers and PCs.

The Manga reading experience is also similar to MangaStream, which may or may not be liked by the readers, but it a sure confirmation that all the available scans of the manga comics are in high quality with evident print and text written.

It also has an A-Z list, which can be used to find manga comics based on the first letter/number of their name.

Website URL: https://www.mangareader.net/

#14 Comixology

Comixology is a cloud-based digital comics distribution platform whose content amount includes over 1,00,000 comics to choose from.

It also has an app for Android, Kindle, Windows, and iOS.

The site was founded in 2007. Aas of 2014, Amazon.com acquired Comixology, and Amazon is the current operator of Comixology, either.

Comixology is not just limited to manga comics. But it deals in almost all varieties of American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. comics. The website has a premium-looking interface. But it is not a place for those who are looking for free content. The content available on Comixology is paid. It requires buying before consuming.

Website URL: https://www.comixology.com/

#15 MangaEden

We wouldn’t recommend you MangaEden until you don’t have any problem with an old-looking website.

It has the least appealing look with no cover images for any of the listed Manga on the homepage. However, if you are using the website on your desktop, then you can have the cover image of the Mange on hovering the cursor on the name of the Manga.

Putting the look of the website aside, the MangaEden has very straightforward navigation with support for two different languages, i.e., English and Italian.

Dragon Ball Super and One Punch Man are the most frequently updated and read mangas of the website. Its manga reading experience is, however, one of the best, but it would be better if MangaEden also adds resume reading support.

Website URL: https://www.mangaeden.com/

#16 Mangastrea.Mobi

Mangastream.mobi is a relative newcomer to the anime space that acts like a Mangastream proxy or mirror site.

MangaStream: FAQ

Why MangaStream goes Down?

Almost ten years after release, the official website is now entirely down and inaccessible. The main reason for the shut down was not made clear by the MangaSteam. However, it is expected that the real owners of the manga comics have put pressure on them to take down the website. Even the MangaStrem official twitter handle’s all the tweets have deleted.

Was MangaStream Illegal?

Yes, being illegal was the main reason for the MangaStream’s shut down. MangaStream was a scanlation website that provides scans of Manga comics by the fans. Fans were the primary sources who translate and edit the comics into several other languages like English, French, and Italian. The scanning and proving manga comics with the permission of the real owner of that Manga comes under piracy and is entirely illegal. MangaStream was also doing the same, and it was infringing the intellectual property rights of the publishers, such as Shueisha. That was leading to significant loss of revenue to the publisher and the artists.

What is the Official MangaStream Twitter Handel?

Due to the vast popularity of MangaStream, there are not just cloning websites but also fake MangaStream Twitter Handels. The official handle that is being operated is @mangastream.

Why is One Piece Manga popular on MangaStream?

The One Piece Manga is one of the most popular manga comics. People across the world read it with great interest. Since MangaStream was the leading online scanlation website, most of the one-piece manga readers read it on MangaStream.

What are Popular Manga Comics On MangaStream?

MangaStream had a massive database and was engaging millions of manga lovers per month. There are a lot of manga comics that are very popularly read on the MangaStream website. One Piece Manga, Fairy Tail Manga, My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia, Shokugeki No Soma, and Promised Neverland are some of the most popular Manga comics on MangaStream.


So there you have the 15 best Mangastream alternatives.

You may want to choose one or more alternatives given the original Mangastream site, as well as Jaimini’s box, were shut down.


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